NEO's bounty on a glorious last Saturday of summer

Submitted by Susan Miller on Sun, 09/20/2009 - 18:32.

This Saturday I actually left the compound. My roommate and I visited the Shaker Square Farmer's Market. I had to get Honey Crisp apples cause they're in season. And then we went to the Ohio City Bike Co-Op so that she could investigate a bicycle and then onto the Westside Market.

Wow! What a cornucopia NEO farmer's are pulling out of the ground!

Here's my favorite recipe so far for kohlrabi - Apple Kohlrabi Slaw. Did I already post this?


Winter Squash are showing up, too.

These are buttercup, delicata in the foreground and the big orangey one they looks sort of like a zeppelin is called "pink banana".

But here is my new favorite food - ground cherries!

They are the little husk encased fruits in the foreground of this image. Like candies, but you can't eat a handful at once, like potato chips, you can't eat just one, but you have to peel that husk off each one before consuming (it's easy and can be done with one hand). And they are delicious! People ask me - what do you do with them? (I think they mean cooking). I don't know. I eat them just as they are - haven't gotten to jam or pie or anything like that - me and ground cherries - I guess we're still on first base. But there are recipes if you can manage to stop eating them before they're gone. Here's a recipe for ground cherry pie.

Then we went to the Bike Co-Op where I got to watch crew teams plowing the Cuyahoga with their powerful strokes - great teamwork - you could hear the coxswains giving direction and encouragement as they swished quietly by - oh and roommie got signed up for bike building and repair lessons and for volunteering.

Then it was on to the Westside Market where I stayed out in the park with the dog. What a glorious day - good free jazz to boot!

This is what I saw at the park:

Here's a detail:

Does anyone know this artist?

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