june 12 harvest

Submitted by Susan Miller on Fri, 06/12/2009 - 20:20.

Today's harvest available at North Union Farmer's Market, Shaker Square and Sunday at Crocker Park.

pickers in the peas

peas before they were snatched (they're a little hard to locate... three passes usually find the ones that are ready to be eaten)

garlic scapes (how to cook garlic scapes)

scallions (bottoms as white as teeth)

peas by the pint (don't they look sweet with their little caps?)

arugula - spicy! Each one picked by someone's hand, lovingly hydrocooled and washed)

Also, mustard - 2 varieties, radishes, lettuces - 5 varieties, kale - 2 varieties... ah the spring harvest is a comin' in in NEO.

Lot's of picking, washing, bundling, boxing, hydrocooling (submerging in Chagrin Valley well water) and boxing. Get there early before the local bounty is gone!


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Unique food images, ideal original content

Susan, Your post and images epitomize the purpose of Realneo: to provide a glossy communications channel from anyone’s/everyone’s unique daily experiences directly to the world.

Fresh peas picked this afternoon visible on the web this evening. Garlic scapes (which I had never heard of ‘til your post) garnishing my lap top.

Now, the logical next step, is to provide the software and connectivity to bring all this beautiful bounty from your field directly – the same afternoon – to my table.

And Norm has a plan….and I believe an inspired plan. To be continued...

more glossy, less text

  Original content and photos are best...I think we can alll agree on that. 

But, often, these original content posts and images tie into a commercial enterprise such as in Susan's post.  If she includes a link to Crocker Park... is that spam?  If so, do we rule out links?  We'll wrestle over what constitutes "good" and "bad" REALNEO tonight.

Susan, I love seeing the


I love seeing the pictures you post.