Lincoln High School area

Submitted by ward14resident on Fri, 08/21/2009 - 20:02.

The area around Lincoln High School, in Cleveland, Ohio, near Meyer Avenue  did not have as much trash thrown about today, August 21, 2009 as it did on Sunday, and I was happy to see the improvement.  Someone must have been out there cleaning the area.  I was able to recruit my husband and my son to help me pick up trash in the area.  We removed about a garbage bag and a half of trash from the area.  The parking lot of Lincoln West had a lot of broken glass on the pavement, and weeds were growing around the lot.  Not a pretty site for a public school property.  It certainly would not give any newcomers to the area a good impression.  This would be a good place to start with urban renewal....right at the public school where the children go to get educated.   Someone mentioned a garden in place of the concrete.   After cleaning up the area, a garden would be a good second step in urban renewal.  Give the childern something to be proud of instead of giving them broken glass and weeds. 

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Broken glass and weeds

  Thanks Ward14 for caring.  It breaks my heart to see William Rainey Harper school is to be abandoned and soon, no doubt, vandalized.  Then, demolished.  Where is the Cleveland Restoration Society?  
Jeff Buster captured some heartbreaking photos of the Beehive School abandoned by Cleveland Metropolitan School District.  As long as the District owns these buildings, they are responsible, with the use of our money, to maintain them.  At the very least they should sell the schools to worthy charter schools like Concept Schools or Constellation Schools.