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Many companies especially social institutions that deal with the public require representatives, staff and employees to take periodic drug tests.  With the many CDC's and non profit community organizations in the City of Cleveland,  why have they been skipped over when it comes to peeing in a cup.  

Certain recognizable actions are tale tale signs that drug usage could be on the rise inside some of these establishments throughout the city.  

Is it time to impose higher standards among staff members, employees and executives holding themselves out as representatives of these neighborhood organizations? 

With no safe guards in place, what better location to disguise the abuse of illegal substances?

Why are these private non-profit conglomerates afforded the unquestionable privilege of sainthood?







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drug testing

 When a bus driver plows someone down, or a pilot crashes their plane, then drug testing happens.  Like you say, some corporations do it routinely, but is that good policy vs. doing it when someone's actions warrant a test?

This topic is covered in many personnel polices. Those policies may be available if you ask for it (or since you are Jerleen, have someone do it for you, lol). But I gotta ask since you said :  "Certain recognizable actions are tale tale signs that drug usage could be on the rise inside some of these establishments throughout the city." what are you speaking of, my dear fellow southern lady? 

uncontrolled rage

can be a symptom of overuse of cocaine...

and then you stroke - out.

seen it happen.

Debbie, Straight talk:  If


Straight talk:  If you happen to be in the know, know your area, know your surroundings, know who's going, know who's coming, pay attention to traffic patterns, pay attention to mood swings, body language  and most of all - listen - you would be suprised at what you can hear, pick up and track.  When people are talking on cell phones, they're not always as quiet as they think they are.

If you really listen, you can learn the language and codes for who's calling, what they're looking for, etc.

Trust me- they need to require drug testing in a number of private non-profit organizations.  Need I say more.

Jerleen should have been listened to

 and maybe she will, now.

I know this will be a

I know this will be a controversial area because requiring someone to prove they are not on drugs can be a violation of privacy unless there is reason to believe that they are indeed on drugs because their behavior is showing signs of impairment.  I am not against drug testing as I agree that drug use and abuse is destroying our communities and destroying many young minds.  But, how can drug testing be done without violating civil rights? 

But, if drug testing was to be done regularly I would also suggest drug testing the manager of the Cleveland Browns.  Sometimes he looks like he could be taking something.  But, then again, many people are taking prescribed mind altering medication.  It is so common in stressful occupations.  I know of many working people that take prescribed medication just to handle the stress of working.  Although these drugs are not illegal they can be just as mind altering as many of the legal ones. 



the players get tested

why not the manager? the owners? the people who pay money to set in the freezing weather to watch them lose?