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Lorain at West Side Market 1976

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West Side Market - Road Divider Island - near W. 25 and Lorain-Carnegie Bridge 1976 photos from Cleveland Memory Project

Resident Advocacy Group - Tremont

RAG - Resident Advocacy Group

Clark Avenue Bridge, Longest Span in the Country, Cleveland, Ohio ca. 1917 Postcard

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Clark Avenue Bridge, Longest Span in the Country, Cleveland, Ohio ca. 1917


Resident Advocacy Group - Tremont

Clark Avenue Bridge, Longest Span in the Country, Cleveland, Ohio ca. 1917

A couple of concrete supports are still around. There are 2 at the bottom of Clark hill and Quigley. I 've heard that no one is sure who owns them. That seems odd. I think that they should be preserved in any case.

For more photos follow this link.

"We will demand that our leaders take us and this property serious and FIX IT" - "Citizen" Ed Hauser, May 26, 2006

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Front signage for Cleveland Coast Guard Station

In reviewing REALNEO for material on the historic Cleveland U.S. Coast Guard Station, to accompany these November 25, 2009, photographs and Thanksgiving Day Pans of the Coast Guard site, I came across the May, 2006, REALNEO discussion "COAST GUARD IDEAS" about what should be done with the site... with a lengthy vision from "Citizen" Ed Hauser.

Happy Thanksgiving REALNEO

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Exquisite decay.

On Thanksgiving eve, a little over a year following the death of Ed Hauser - the primary community activist for preservation of the National Historic Landmark Dyer Coast Guard Station, on Whiskey Island - I went Hauser Way to photograph this best location in the nation, to share with you on Thanksgiving day. Enjoy.

A New Perspective on Urban Settlements in America: Veronica Moss Visits Times Square

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Start Thanksgiving with a smile, and a new perspective on urban settlements in America - enjoy "Veronica Moss Visits Times Square". I found this video at Rob Pitingolo's very cool NEO-based blog - Extraordinary Observations (since September, 2004)... originally from StreetFilms.org.


Definitely check out Extraordinary Observations , which we should add to our blogroll, if it isn't there... and welcome to our newest REALNEO/REAL COOP member, Rob Pitingolo... "progressive, urbanist, entrepreneur, blogger, thinker"... REALNEO's kind of guy!

Question of the Day: Do The Port Authority and the PD Still Have a Long Hard Fall From Grace Ahead, Together?

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November 21, 2009, the Cleveland Plain Dealer published a get-out-of-jail-free editorial for seemingly life-term Cleveland Port Authority dictator John Carney, and his board of directors - "A Cleveland Port Authority board already wounded can't afford conflict-of-interest charges -- editorial" - that fully acknowledges "the port is so broke it may not be able to assure continued operations of the Cleveland harbor, much less pay to relocate and expand".

Yet, the PD editors do not call for changes to the current Port Board. Quite the opposite, the PD empowers them to move into the real estate development business... despite their bond rating having sunk near junk.

The Real NEO Post-Citizen-Hauser Era, Year 2: Learning The Meaning Of "The Process Is Broken!"

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Citizen Ed Hauser smiling, at AJ Rocco's in Cleveland Ohio

Citizen Ed Hauser, Victorious In The Battle Of Whiskey Island - "Ask Not What Your Planet Can Do For You..."

It has been a year since Northeast Ohio lost our selfless civic activist "Citizen" Ed Hauser, silencing the great voice in the community saying that "The Process is Broken".

November 14, 2009 - the one-year anniversary of Ed's death - a group of family and friends came together on the beautiful Whiskey Island Ed saved, before a late Autumn setting sun, to toast a glorious man, and mourn a most cursed and horrible year in Northeast Ohio without Ed.

What does the dawn hold for this long-suffering region, in the second year without Citizen Hauser?

Senseless bulldozing: The Spectre of Failed Urban Planning

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Max Eternity - To often the role of cultural arbiters, civic activists and community workers is portrayed as a position of emotional engagement, not sensibility.  From direct experience I have come to see that there is a tendency for in-power administrators, politicians and real estate speculators to prioritize their lust of recognition and new revenue above the bread and butter needs of those they should serve--retaining existing communal integrity and existing communal wealth.  Fom this position of pie-in-the-sky optimistic idealism, these powers-at-large become blind,

Question of the Day: Did You Know Last Week Was National Lead Poisoning Prevention Awareness Week?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 10/25/2009 - 04:02.

I was reviewing emails from last week and read, from the EPA, "EPA Proposes Tightening Standards for Lead-Safe Renovation Practices and Lead Paint Dust to Protect Children", which reports "The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is marking National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week by announcing several actions the agency proposes to take to prevent lead poisoning."

Do you remember hearing anything in Northeast Ohio about last week being National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week? 

Dear Mrs. Crawford, The People Of REALNEO Feel The Following About The Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum

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I've Been Told By A Confidant Of East Cleveland Mayor Brewer To Watch Out For Retaliation

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At around 5 PM, on September 23, 2009, WKYC Channel 3 news reported "shocking and disturbing photos, allegedly of incumbent Mayor Eric Brewer, are being circulated in the community, The Investigator Tom Meyer has learned." Photographs that appear to be East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer in woman's clothes, some that are pornographic, have apparently been circulating in East Cleveland for over a year - reportedly many years - and been broadly published by the mainstream media since the 23rd.

On the 24th, I was called by one of the mayor's confidants and told to watch out for retaliation. It seems that Mayor Brewer told the confidant he thinks I distributed the pictures of the mayor. I am not the only person being targeted by such paranoid delusions.

Recommendation To Form North East Ohio Pollution Advisory Council - NEOPAC

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00 AM 09/23/09

Severe Particulate Matter 2.5 Hourly Reading in Cleveland at 8:00 AM on 09/23/09 - see current here

There is clear evidence the leadership of Northeast Ohio has failed to create an environment encouraging world-class monitoring, analysis, research, notification and controls of pollution created in our region of Ohio, and the consequences on residents and society. As a result, the people of this region have suffered significant health consequences, including early death, and impaired learning ability, crippling our schools and workforce, and society and the regional economy have suffered greatly. As much of our pollution is exported beyond our region, our failure to be world-class addressing pollution here causes harm world-wide.

Sadhu Has Left The Country... will he have more impact in Cleveland and Chicago from Canada?

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Thanks to REALNEO's lmcshane for pointing out one of the most interesting developments in the American "sustainability movement" ever - what appears to be Chicago's real news source, The Chicago Reader, broke the news, September 4, 2009, that "The Green Mayor's Green Policy Maker Leaves for Vancouver". This is the story of former Cleveland and Chicago area sustainability guru Sadhu Johnston, now set to become the deputy city manager of Vancouver.

Are you and we as citizens informed and encouraged to consume and waste as little electricity, gas and water as possible?

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'Your livelihood and your future are meaningless'

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After reading the story in today's Cleveland.com, "Owner of razed Cleveland warehouse still fighting city, Precision Environmental over lost vehicles", about a second Frank Giglio in Cleveland - this one on the East Side - named Michael Ayers, who had his property condemned, stolen and destroyed under the direction of the Cleveland Building and Housing Department...

Question of the Day: What Does Sustainable Cleveland 2009 Look Like, Today?

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Tree down in Shaker Heights

As Jeff Buster reported on REALNEO, this summer there was some severe weather activity in the Shaker Heights area, where  my parents live, that took down a huge number of huge trees.

Clevelander Ann Trubek comments on "Growth in America's Dying Cities"

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Anne Trubek for Good Magazine - Civic leaders and artists are coming up with some interesting ideas, and often the line between the two groups is blurred. The perfectly-named Unreal Estate Agency in Detroit is aimed at showcasing “new types of urban practices (architecturally, artistically, institutionally, everyday life, etc) that came into existence, creating a new value system in Detroit,” including helping people purchase and rehab a home for under $5,000.

What is your opinion about building noise and privacy barriers along our nation's freeways

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Free Food Grows In Cleveland

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While I was sitting behind Food On The Move, at St. Clair and East 140th, where a friend works, I noticed a pear tree in the lot next door, full of rippening pears. While the lot is well tended, and does not appear "vacant", the lone pear tree is the only occupant. And nobody seems to notice it is there, despite its bounty of free food. There are 100s of pears on the tree - in a market, they would be worth $100s. This lot could contain dozens of pear trees - perhaps 100s - producing $10,000s in income for the owners and those who tended them.