Hurry, hurry, Hurry..... Bang!

Submitted by Phillip Williams on Tue, 10/02/2007 - 07:37.

hurry, hurry, hurry... bang!

In a hurry to get to work?

We all run a few minutes late, we all hate rush hour commuting (those of us who can not or will not take RTA).  The point is that people seem not to drive during rush hour, but it is more a positive display of the chaos theory.  The graceful and sometimes not so graceful act of careening your vehicles down a paved road is a recipe for disaster..  The, to often, played game of "get so close that nobody can sneak in" results in accidents like the one show above.

Just relax, and be nice.  Just because some over zealous jerk cuts in front of you don't get upset.  Realize that if you get into an accident your day will be far worse!

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Is this a cell phone shot with the Federal Court in the distance and Terminal Tower on the RH side?  How was it that you were fast enought to get the cars humping under each other? Good reaction time!


What I have noticed is that the more congested and hazardous (rain, snow, fog) the driving conditions are the more frenzied and risky the drivers’ behaviors are.


Logic would suggest just the opposite – but it doesn’t work out that way.


As the auto crowds get thicker and the speeds get over 60 MPH some sort of “alpha” craziness takes over.   Everyone wants to get to the head of the pack – when the safest behavior is to fall back.a bit.


But have you ever observed anyone being pulled over and ticketed for tailgating?    At 70MPH it is SOP for a half dozen cars spaced not more than one car length apart  to pass a slower car. 


How is it that all these 70MPH tailgating drivers can suspend their knowledge of the laws of inertia and physics?

Great reminder to slow down

Happily, I don't face this type of stress in the morning.  Not to toot my own eco-horn, but I walk to work like that pesky Roadrunner : ) Beee-beep!