Shaker Heights knows looking backwards improves future economic development

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 11/29/2004 - 09:32.

One drive through Shaker Heights makes it clear this is an historically significant community. The Clevelend Plain Dealer recently reported Shaker leaders recognize their historic character as a valuable asset and they have taken steps to protect that, at the City Hall level. While much of the great historic architecture of Northeast Ohio has been detroyed over the years, regional community leaders should take action like has Shaker to preserve what remains - consider the great buildings in areas of Cleveland like Glenville, and in East Cleveland, and picture a future of historic buildings restored to their potential prime, rather than gone forever. Read on about the Shaker initiative, introduced and linked below.


<>Shaker Heights tightens rules Historic building alteration
must get panel OK
Saturday, November 27, 2004 - Thomas Ott - Plain Dealer

History cannot be altered in Shaker Heights - not without
approval from the Landmark Commission.

Believing a rich past is key to the future, the city has
given the commission power to block changes to the outside of historic
buildings, including the landscaping.

Previously, the commission could do nothing more than delay
work for six months.

Shaker Heights is more aggressive than most Northeast Ohio
cities in defending its heritage, and the reasons go beyond nostalgia. Historic
feel gives Shaker a niche and helps the city vie with growth areas, Planning
Director Joyce Braverman said.


"We are a premier inner-ring suburb," she said. "And to be competitive
not only in our region, but nationally, we have to protect what we