The Not for Tourists Experience

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If any city could proclaim itself the "Not for Tourists" city, it would be Cleveland. 

Make a pitch to NFT and perhaps, we can get a guide before Pittsburgh!  Believe it or not, Cleveland ranks higher than Pittsburgh in terms of worldwide economic clout (now my sister in Pittsburgh and I have something else to fight about).


See this article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer

Politicians avoid sticky city issues From exurbs to central cities, metropolitan areas are the country's real engines of prosperity. We should be trying to get them running on all cylinders.

Plain Dealer, The ( Cleveland , OH) - Sunday, November 11, 2007

Author: Joe Frolik, Associate Editor Plain Dealer Editorial Pages

Our political leaders use the city like a public feeding trough to qualify for more federal funds based on poverty and they show no fiduciary responsibility, when it comes to using public funds--

 We need the paradigm shift described by Brookings Institute.  We need infrastructure improvements and we need to measure our region by our global success.

SEE: Blueprint for American Prosperity

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Metro Nation

  Positively Cleveland reports that the North American Travel Journalists will be in town from June 2-5th.  Be nice.  Be really nice.