Event editing - events stuck on home page

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 10/13/2004 - 14:22.

I seem to be able to edit some events I post and not others. I'd like to be able to edit any events I post.

For example - there are two events I posted and promoted to the home page, "sticky at top" and now the events are over, but they are still on the home page and stuck to the top - shouldn't they have left the home page when they passed? I need to edit them to demote and unstick them and send them to archive.

Related - Is there an easy way to see a list of postings of past events - I see that is possible through the calendar but I wonder if there is a way to link to an archive?

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editing previous events: I'll

editing previous events: I'll put a note about this in the development notes -- I need to a) increase your permissions so you can edit old events and b) do some development so that people who submit events can edit them without any special permissions.

As well, there might be functionality to (temporarily) promote/sticky events X hours or days before the event, then automatically unpromote/unsticky the events afterwards.

past events: the current event view shows upcoming events; this can be changed to show a calendar view instead. Also, you can link to a specific month to show past events -- e.g. October 2004.

OK, now it's clearer. I wen

OK, now it's clearer. I went through and checked a bunch of the content you had on the front page. Basically, you want (at most) one or two items "sticky" on the front page (and yes, with events, it's still a manual process to promote/sticky them).

I un'sticky'ed everything on the front page except for the poll you put up. Now, anything below it will have been promoted and is displayed in reverse chronological order (I've promoted my blog post because it's important and very relevant).

Lastly, check out the Drupal User Guide on our public wiki. You'll see content get filled in their very rapidly over the next week or so. My write up explaining some of the basics around books, pages, stories, and blogs is called Different Node Types. Comments, questions (and edits!) gladly accepted.