Cleveland Bike Week May 11-17

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Dust off your bike and RIDE.

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Bike advocates take NOTE TODAY


The Ohio City Bicycle Co-op rarely make email-blast pleas for people to just "show up" at events -- we don't want our emails to be another element of the internet din out there -- but here are two important thing you can do this week to really benefit the local cycling community, and yourself, without a lot of time or effort:

Today from 4 to 7pm at the Cleveland Public Library downtown branch, join in a free forum with nationally-recognized presenters to help chart the future of bike advocacy in northeast Ohio. Cleveland is dismally behind the curve on public support for bike facilities, policy initiatives, and cultural awareness.  By attending this event (or any part of it) you can demonstrate that there is a trend for the better, and get information and inspiration to help achieve a truly bicycle-friendly community. No registration needed; just show up, enjoy some free Phoenix coffee and cookies, and be part of the change in our region's cycling culture.

This Saturday from 9am to noon at Brookside Park, OCBC is helping 100 Cleveland public school students learn to safely use the bikes they have earned for good grades and citizenship credit from the Coca-cola Pedal Power program. Your attendance as a "rodeo station monitor" will help us fulfill our commitment to this program; earn OCBC shop credit for yourself; and help some deserving kids become the next generation of responsible, effective cyclists.  Please reply to this email if you can help at this event.


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