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Citizen Hauser airs on WVIZ (PBS) Channel 25 at 8 pm.

The Citizen Hauser video was produced by local independent film makers Jonathan Shick and Ryan Rodriguez, with Blue Hole Productions.  The video is unique both in its approach and subject matter as it directly highlights the struggle of one citizen participating in the public process to make Cleveland a better, more sustainable place to live. 

In addition, there are comments from local public officials including Tim Hagan, Jimmy Dimora, Peter Lawson Jones, Matt Zone, Paul Alsenas, and Chris Ronayne along with environmental activists Elaine Marsh and Peter Griesinger.


WVIZ/PBS- Channel 25

Review of Citizen Hauser

Citizen Hauser is excellent. The quality of the film making and editing is high. The story is well told in a fashion that is humorous, touching, empowering and thought provoking - probing. I certainly intend to watch this rebroadcast of the program Sunday morning at 11 AM and I encourage everyone alse to tune in.

This is just the beginning for Citizen Hauser (good film festival candidate)  and for Ed Hauser (see so consider this, as Ed says, an important civics lesson. After you've seen the show, post your thoughts as comments here, or in your blog or any other way you like. 

For those of you with

For those of you with Adelphia Cable...  WVIZ on Adelphia = Channel 13. 

Citizen Hauser on WVIZ

I saw the excellent program on WVIZ and found myself more than a little ashamed by Mr. Hauser's "call to action" in the final moments (as he spoke to the camera and urged viewers to emulate his example of inspired, highly responsible, aggressive citizenship.)


Why were you ashamed?


Derek Arnold

I could do so much more

I felt ashamed about allowing someone else to make such personal sacrifices -- while I did precious little in comparison. So, he shamed me (in a GOOD way) into becoming more involved in activities to improve our local communities.