Wolstein Architect for East Bank - Plain Dealing qualifications?!?!?

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What Makes FORUM Unique in the Newspaper Industry?

FORUM Architects, LLC provides business and production consulting and a complete range of facility planning, design, engineering and construction services to the newspaper industry. Our clients include corporate newspaper groups and independent owners, large metropolitan newspapers and small community newspapers throughout the Americas.

From our years of diverse experience in the newspaper industry, we understand that a newspaper’s business and product plan is its foundation for success. Production processes, equipment and staffing must respond to and support those business and product plans. The intent of the facilities that FORUM Architects designs is to support the operations, workflow, production equipment and personnel of the newspaper.

We listen to and work with our clients to identify their unique project goals, objectives and parameters. We can provide all or a combination of our services to meet the project needs and client’s preferences. We make it a practice to suggest the services that we believe will be in our client’s best interests.

During the project process, FORUM can provide a single point of responsibility for the services contracted and can coordinate the efforts of the entire project team including the client’s project personnel, equipment vendors, consultants, regulatory agencies and construction entities. We know that teamwork and coordination is essential to the success of any project, and we work to get all project team members to be proactive in developing solutions and identifying potential problems.

We believe in the pursuit of excellence in meeting our client’s expectations. We believe that good design is a way of thinking throughout the project. This thinking balances functional and budget requirements with scale, proportion, spatial sequence, material choices and color to achieve a functionally responsive and aesthetically pleasing facility.

We believe that successful projects are based on listening to clients, a willingness to explore, passion for design and creative solutions, technical competence and maximizing technology to benefit the project. We think of our clients in terms of long-term relationships – not projects. 

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writing to Forum Architects

I noted on GCBL that the Flats east bank was to be LEED Certified. I wrote to Forum Architects and asked them about their newspaper projects -- which ones are green. Here's the response from Denver Brooker.
   "We have registered our project for an addition and renovation to the Elyria Chronicle Telegram's facilities for the LEED certification program.  We believe that this will be the first LEED certified newspaper production facility in the country when it is completed.

  With respect to the Flats project, it is our intention to work with the developer and various consultants to design this project as a LEED certified project.  This may be a pilot project for a LEED Neighborhood certification."

That the PD facility is not green does not surprise me. Forward thinking is not a phrase I associate with the PD. If they had made their facility green, we might have had an easier time "Believing in Cleveland".

I am also curious as to whether or not the CMA renovation will be green...