Welcome to East Cleveland: Home of One of the World's Fastest Computers, Running ICEarth Linux

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 02/24/2010 - 06:00.

ICEarth BigBang One Complete 

Welcome to East Cleveland: Home of One of the World's Fastest Computers, now optimized with CrossfireX dual GPU solutions, exclusively running ICEarth Linux.

ICEarth - Information/Internet Community Earth - proudly calls EC home.

ICEarth - a team of some of the world's best programmers, and I - took on an Earth-shattering challenge, this year.... build the world's fastest and most economical computers of any operating system for capturing, compositing, and editing audio and video with sample level accuracy, on the desktop and laptop. What we have built, for the professional studio and high end processing, on the desktop, is one of the world's fastest computers running open source everything, and just about any other software in the world - the ICEarth Bigbang One.

To build this computer to these specifications, ICEarth programmers rewrote most of the Linux operating system to run a state-of-the-art computing platform configuration that has not run Linux before... the silicon on the motherboard and video card is barely dry. For ICEarth Bigbang One, we wrote the Linux drivers for some of the most powerful hardware ever used in a computer... it is impossible for anyone to replicate or hack this system.

We also wrote ICEarth Linux to support clusters and clouds of ICEarth computers in unique, most effective ways, building virtual super computers, running an entirely unique yet open operating system - soon to include unique forms of encryption.

Not only are these the fastest computers in the world, but they are the most secure.

The open source development community is getting excited.

We need ICEarth BigBang One ICEarth computers to bridge the digital divide  -  in this high definition age.

As the world is flooded with increasingly-cheap and free high definition cameras and imaging devices of every sort, and demand for high definition content grows, even the fastest of today's computing environments and video applications are struggling to keep pace with scale, innovations, and the demands of the medium - and HD creation is going 3D at home around Christmas time... show me a computer optimized for that, closed or open source.

ICEarth BigBang One.

Typical high definition video image management starts with very large files in many formats, and creates even larger files in different formats, that must be converted to other formats, usually edited in the process. All data should be kept as "native" as possible. This all requires more computer processing than most people have - at the motherboard and video card - faster memory and data flow than is possible with most computers - faster, different interfaces and input and output devices than in most computers - and more storage than most people have ever needed in a lifetime, so far - terabytes - all working flawlessly as one, at the same time... while staying as cool as possible.

ICEarth Bigbang One is optimized for open source professional video editing and processing, so should run about everything else FOSS as fast as possible. With this computer, a user may truly take optimal advantage of ALL the power of $ millions worth of free, open source software available in the world, today.

That is where the economic benefits of ICEarth Bigbang One really kick-in - free operating system - free professional video studio - free image processing - free Office - free Internet - free audio everything - and hot swap upgrade-ability for most computing components, if necessary... in the fastest box on Earth, built with the world's best computing components, by local hands, paid with local money kept locally, right here in Northeast Ohio.

So, you save $1,000s by going open source, and buying local, and may own the world's best computer...

Bang! This is awesome, if I do say so myself.

Most important, ICEarth BigBang One is designed to be a video processing workhorse, for maximum productivity and efficiency - time is money. It is designed to take real NEO to the next level, by allowing us to be world-class with video, to the bleeding edge, before any other place on Earth, forever.

realNEO forever

This computer may run Windows and Macintosh operating systems, and all the software designed for those systems, for people who choose to spend $ on them.

For those who want to be free, you are now welcome to join the Cinelerra community, as well.

From the developers of Cinelerra:

Unleash the 50,000 watt flamethrower of content creation in your UNIX
box.  Cinelerra does primarily 3 things: capturing, compositing, and
editing audio and video with sample level accuracy.  It's a movie studio
in a box.

If you want the same kind of editing suite that the big boys use, on an
efficient UNIX operating system, it's time for Cinelerra.

Go to Microcenter and pick-up one of these ICEarth BigBang beauties now...

Can't do it?!?!

ICEarth is only available in East Cleveland, and Old Brooklyn, Ohio, by special arragement.

Being a realNEO member is one requirement.

More about ICEarth, BigBang One (and other ICEarth computers), and our amazing developers, as we take our first models through their paces.


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Why didn't you read this in the PD first?

Why didn't you read this in the PD first?

Because their editor and publisher have refused to return my emails, for months.

I guess they don't support social media innovation in real NEO, or real NEOans.

Power to realNEO.

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And I was the one who got Doug Clifton to add email

And I was the one who got Doug Clifton to add email to the articles, in the PD, when Doug first became editor of the PD.

At least he was respectful of this NEOan.

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can you name the programmers?

"a team of some of the world's best programmers"

Who are the programmers, Norm? Inquiring minds want to know.

Just how does a member of Realneo proceed to inquire about acquiring one of these super machines?

What's the special arrangement?

I clicked through to ICearth and saw the cool graphic with music, but one more click took me to the old 404.

Google took me to cinelerra.

One thing I have noticed about this open source world is that the conversations do seem to presuppose a fair amount of extant computereze in the user.

Yes, now that I have an old computer lovingly restored with open source free software. (Thanks Jeff!) It is way cool, but when I have a question, I google the issue and find myself in geek land. In fact, in an attempt to learn more about geekiness I have committed to taking a class about computing's cutting edge. But in the world of acronyms and base knowledge that programmers and code writers know, I am woefully an outsider. I want the government to go with easy to use flexible free software. And I want the public including me to know about these free alternatives, but the language barrier is tough. We (my classmates and I) had a conversation about proprietary software. I mentioned that when I go to fill out a FAFSA (free application for student aid - every college student must do it to go to school each year), I must use Internet Explorer. Why does the government force me to use the MS browser. Why can't I fill out the form using Firefox or Chrome? Well, "it is because Windows has such a huge install base" I was told. Great!

We're in an economic downturn and people are strapped for cash. Where's the user friendly open source Turbo-Tax for getting your refund and why aren't municipalities using free open software to cut expenses? Maybe they need help making the transition from proprietary software, which is probably where they cut their teeth with a keyboard way back when when they figured out that they could eliminate the pretty stenographer or ditch the Edison Voicewriter/Dictaphone. Go to Best Buy to buy a computer - you have two choices - Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. Where's the storefront for getting your rehabbed cheap computer running Linux/Ubuntu/Open Office/GnuCash with a list of suggested add-ons for media and other applications? Where's the help center, training class?

I'd like to see someone do the numbers on all the PCs running Windows in NEO government and show the cost savings of switching to open free options. You think this is what Matt Dolan is gonna do to cut taxes? I sorta doubt it, but who knows.

One thing I learned from running my own business for a quarter century - it's all about removing barriers to entry. Why don't you come see this cool dance? I won't like it, I won't understand it. Well, you might... here's a comp ticket and I'll have so and so pick you up and drive you to the show. OK, I'll bring the show to you. OK, I'll discuss the show with you and answer your questions. OK, no question is out of bounds. You will never be made to feel dumb. OK, see that wasn't so bad, was it? Wow, you had an insight we had never considered - good for you and thanks. Never assume anyone has any prior knowledge - let them show you what they know and praise them for knowing and having handled each little brick in the foundation. You gotta handle and review each brick and all the mortar. There could be a missing link that, when replaced, makes a stronger more flexible foundation for new knowledge. Let's remember that we all have our specialties in this new fragmented world. There is nothing scarier than hearing financial planners tell you that they "don't understand" derivatives. Jesus!

So, yesterday my laptop running Windows XP was running slowly. I thought - time to backup the files and start over (format the drive). I googled computer running slowly. I got lots of advice, including things I should download and use. But which source to trust? Do I want more bells and whistles or do I just want to be sure I have the data and can reinstall with a clean copy of Windows. Why do I need to keep this laptop with Windows for now? Primarily because I have used MS Money for about 12 years (it was free with the first computer - quicken cost money). I can't find an online source that explains easily how to migrate the financial history in MS Money to GnuCash to make the transition seamless. I read about this guy and that woman's efforts, but find them giving up on migrating their history to GnuCash.

I do have a few word docs and excel files that should open easily in Open Office. Photos are in Picasa for now (thanks Martha) and I am not a photographer, so I don't really need media editing software right now until I learn to use the camera. Everything else I do is online - in a wire, a cloud. I ought to be an easy migrant. Got my tent and ready to travel to a brave new world of free computing. I have some old correspondence in MS Outlook that I'd like to hold onto for nostalgic reasons, but I haven't used that program for a year or more. Thank God I was able to stop using MS Access for that last business I worked for! Jeez - what a pain!

So how to we migrate the populous to open source software with these (perhaps easy to remove) barriers? I'll be the guinea pig for NEO. That is unless you can introduce me to the first guinea pig so I can learn from her/him.

The first guinea pig is Kieth Winston, of realNEO

Kieth runs ICEarth on a recycled Pentium M IBM T-42 laptop, picking up stray, free alien wifi wherever and whenever he may... largely in Collinwood... and loving it, so you've been learning from him here for over a month.

Not likely you would want a Bigbang - the materials alone are about $5k and you don't need the power or storage, and you wouldn't want to waste the electricity - you need what Kieth has - what Jeff set up for you is probably fine... I'm sure our versions of Linux use the same Kernel.

As for making Open Source simple - that is exactly what we are doing with ICEarth - I'll explain on realNEO as we go.

As for the programmers...

if you've been to Facebook, you've "met" with one of the programmers' work, not that he was recognized or compensated.

Another, you've already met on realNEO, if you are loyal, brought to you via the ICEarth Poweredge...

Any inquiries should be directed to me at norm [at] realneo [dot] us

BTW - if your computer is running Windows and is slow it is probably because of Facebook viruses - my guys can fix that too...

The Linux kernel is an operating system kernel used by the Linux family of Unix-like operating systems.[6] It is one of the most prominent examples of free and open source software.[7]

The Linux kernel is released under the GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2),[4] plus proprietary licenses[citation needed] for some controversial binary blobs, and is developed by contributors worldwide. Day-to-day development takes place on the Linux kernel mailing list.

The Linux kernel was initially conceived and created by Finnish computer science student[8] Linus Torvalds in 1991. Linux rapidly accumulated developers and users who adopted code from other free software projects for use with the new operating system.[9] The Linux kernel has received contributions from thousands of programmers.[10] Many Linux distributions have been released based upon the Linux kernel.

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As for sharing info in unreal NEO

You certainly know why I may no longer do that, until it is too late for me to be hurt by others.

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That ICEarth graphic is by Modesto

From about 2002, I believe.

Now that we have an ICEarth server to host ICEarth on, we'll launch ICEarth.

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Wish you were here, Ed... Official Name - ICEarth Hauser

I built this for you.

Ed Hauser helped me bridge the digital divide in real NEO, before it went unreal.

I love you Ed - I wish you were here.

Do you finally get it, real NEO?


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I openly and honestly reached out to everyone

so did Ed.

For years...

He's dead.

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And my boys were harmed by lead

For this Earth.

I'll never be happy again.

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norm i swear on yogi & my life that ed with us more than ever

norm i swear on yogi & my life that ed  with us more  than ever

yogi and guy http://www.nationalwardogsmonument.org/

Wow! Kdenlive

Wow! Kdenlive.

I also noted that Kieth copied and pasted the tags into his post of the Grandmaster Flash YouTube post. Could realneo use tags? Or does it and I have missed that as well? (By the way, I didn't miss Kieth's stuff, or your new video capabilities, just wasn't sure what exactly I was seeing).

It might be interesting to have a poll on how many users are accessing realneo on with Linux OS. How might we know or do you already know local businesses, organizations or governments that are using open source software?

How can we learn to optimize the capabilities of realneo? Help files? Tutorials? Search has long been a stumbling block for me. As you have noted, it's all still right here - a lotta lotta content. Yes I can use google with realneo or the poster's name to sometimes find what I am seeking, but it would be so cool to be able to further filter results.

Sort of like this: Freebase Parallax.

Freebase Parallax: A new way to browse and explore data from David Huynh on Vimeo.

Granted I never would have known any of this stuff had it not been for Betsey Merkel dragging me to REI where I eventually met you, Norm. You have been very patient with this old dog. (I also just deposited a check for realneo/realcoop from an appreciative lurker). I will look forward to learning more.

I know I know, physician, heal thyself... I am working on it. Running as fast as I can to catch up. (smiley) As has been noted here in the discussions of education, everyone learns at their own rate and in their own style. Me, too.

We just need the funding to do things right

We just need the funding to do things right - I've had that for a long time, from the County, waiting for appropriate support from the community, including on realNEO.

My family is funding everything I am doing, and I owe them bigtime.

If people supported me in my work, we wouldn't have any problems with realNEO... and you wouldn't have Facebook viruses or any computers in your house that could even get a virus... you wouldn't even bother having Facebook.

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how do you deal with FB viruses?

So Norm, I admit that I enjoy facebook. I have noticed an uptick in your sharing there of late, too.

Bugs and viruses? Cough... sneeze... Indeed they probably do reside in my machines. Well none do right now according to AVG.

I do learn though from my interactions with folks with whom I am connected on FB - many from outside the realneo community. I'll stay for now. I'm not Howard Hughes online, yet.

But since you also use Facebook and mention the viruses that I might be getting from using it, what should I look for and how would I remove it if I had it? Here's one remedy/warning I found from Computer Plumber. Since you and I have 59 Facebook friends in common, they might benefit from your advice on this, too.

And I would like to also say that some people have supported you in your work. Maybe not with millions, but with what they had to give. I can think of several people who have volunteered beaucoup time to realneo and a handful of member users who have kept the pages alive and invigorated with original and important content. Then there are the folks who have put considerable time and money into shifting traffic from one URL to another when the domain name was lost, retrieving the domain name, upgrading the technology, developing realcoop, and keeping the site alive for all to use. I know that you have appreciated the support you have received from the realneo community. Even if it is not enough to see all your dreams come true, it is what it is and for that support of this Content Management System from many people over the years, I am profoundly grateful.


I hate Facebook almost as much as Windows.

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I may not profit from or own any of this

All I may own is my data, on ICEarth... for many reasons I'll explain later.

At the core of ICEarth are these reasons, for you to consider now... from around 2000....

ICEarth Internet Community Earth Animation

ICEarth - Information Community Earth - Conceptual Framework - normALST 02/07/01

The Emergence of “Info Mediated Enterprise”

One of today’s most critical global imperatives is "universal access." In our world’s now thoroughly computerized, internetworked economic, social and cultural environment, all people must have access to like information technology (IT) tools, resources and capabilities. As access becomes increasingly universal, exciting interpersonal dynamics become possible; like distant learning, telemedicine, virtual community, and 'infomediation,' a core interest of this document that enables the other dynamics listed before and many still to be seen on our virtual horizons.

Read On...

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No wonder our leaders don't want supercomputers in EC

They want to kill our brains.

Conspiracy to commit murder.

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Time to build the ICEarth Max

We are building a complimentary suite of open source computers for different work and life environments.

We built the ICEarth Bigbang 1 and that is moving into video production this weekend, for benchmarking.

Now we begin building the portable equivalent - The ICEarth Max One - the world's most effective open source high performance high definition video production studio in a laptop - this will be amazing.

You'll see it here first.

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When I can, I am forwarding this info to a friend who is a IT person who can explain to me in lay-speak what this is all about as you are so far over my head with this, Norm. Iceearth, bigbang, hdvideo, benchmark, roosters.....laptops.

Launch ICEarth

Forward away please - there are people in the world who dig this stuff and will dig this. I look forward to connecting with them... this is entirely global.

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