As Plain Dealer Editors "make" Sutherland commissioner, without public debate, their newspaper loses last iota of credibility

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 09/08/2008 - 09:49.

Cuyahoga County Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones helping to eradicate Lead Poisoning in NEO

As good Plain Dealer reporters now attempt to unravel the widespread government, corporate and institutional corruption of the Establishment of Northeast Ohio, their Plain Dealer editors appear to be doped on opium and living in Oz, proclaiming "pay no attention to those men behind the curtain... vote for the wizardess... the PD endorses Sutherland for Cuyahoga County commissioner". Of course, the wizardess is no lady but in fact a squadron of rich old men, who have already loaded their balloons with $10s of millions in taxpayer money, given to them by the PD's cronies. Sound familiar?


Did you "Vote for Bush", as the PD editors endorsed four years ago, against the interests of all people of the world and the intelligence of their own, more enlightened staff (most of whom have probably been fired or taken retirement since then).

And will you say "Four More Years", as we may all anticipate the PD endorsement of McCain and Palin and all Republicans, regardless of poor qualification.

Will you say "more taxation without representation", as have Sutherland and the Plain Dealer Editors for the MedCon and other millionaire-entitlement programs, now costing taxpayers $10s millions a year.

Or will you say "Cuyahoga County is broke, because the PD's sacred establishment has raped us to death" as the PD has avoided confessing, while the FBI and IRS swirl around the editors' friends in high and rich places.

And will you say "cancel my subscription to the PD".

I have, and I absolutely intend to vote AGAINST the PD editors and for Peter Lawson Jones!

Please join me in driving change for our region by keeping in place the one good person who seems intelligent and honest enough to consistently vote for good government and the people, against the establishment, while certainly realizing that is against the interests of the PD's funders and so may be political suicide.

I don't know Peter Lawson Jones, personally, but I have always been impressed by his commitment to making Northeast Ohio a better community, including to eradicate lead poisoning in Northeast Ohio. He is inspirational to me, and certainly to many others here who have observed his good and intelligent efforts to better this region, so screwed-up under the watch and direction of PD Editors and sprawl leaders like Sutherland, and her supporters. Over the past few years, Lawson Jones has been against corrupt establishment projects like the untrustworthy Ameritrust scam and MedCon taxation without representation, that were endorsed by the PD editors for their funders and have taken our county into insolvency.

In this case, a vote for incumbent Lawson Jones is a vote AGAINST FOUR MORE YEARS OF CORRUPTION, as truly corrupt leaders are beginning to fall, on their way to prison, so Peter is now in a position to lead the region out of our dispicable condition of poor leadership by nearly everyone but Lawson Jones.

From the City Club website promoting a pitch by Sutherland in support of the Establishment of regionalism, realize Sutherland has one unimpressive educational achievement... "A Bay Village native, Sutherland has a B.A. in fashion merchandising from Bowling Green State University and is currently working on her Masters in Public Administration at CSU’s Levin College of Urban Affairs." Do those credentials sound familiar. From a recent Scene article on Lawson Jones we learn "In 1975, he went to Harvard to major in government. After graduating, he took a year off from school to work for the Carter-Mondale campaign, then entered Harvard Law. Juris doctorate in hand, he returned to Shaker and within a year was running for city council." While certainly many evil people go through Harvard, Lawson Jones' record leading this region has shown he is the opposite of evil, seeming almost too good to believe.

What the PD has found to report bad about Lawson Jones is he used a driver to help him perform his county commissioner duties fighting corruption. And, as the PD is on the take on the MedCon, they write "When the commissioners showed some political courage by enacting a small sales tax increase to help fund a convention center and Medical Mart, Jones voted "no."

I love that line... "a small sales tax increase". That would be the $10s millions waiting for payment to local and out-of-state millionaires to make them richer, making NEO poorer... for a Con.

That would be the same MedCon the PD co-created and now being investigated by the FBI... originally endorsed by Sutherland but now not... I believe... depending on what directions the winds of power flip-or-flop her today.

Even after reading the PD editorial supporting Sutherland, it is hard to imagine a more uninspiring endorsement... "Sutherland's campaign has been less
than impressive, and she tends to overstate Jones' failures as commissioner. Still, she is the better choice in this race and should be elected."

They proclaim all this, and endorse Sutherland, before the two debates between the candidates that may actually surface their intellectual capabilities and social agendas. That is shameful and probably the most important reason to vote against the PD, their Establishment, and their champion Sutherland.

Without public debate or honest vetting, the PD editors and the Establishment have already made up their minds who should lead your county for the next four years... anyone but an urban Democrat. It is safe to say they have not been honest about this election and will not be covering any of the truths of this election for the real people of NEO. I intend to cover the debates for REALNEO, and I hope all of you will join me.

Your first opportunity to bring honest, intelligent analysis to this absurd situation is tomorrow, at the Candidate Debate for Cuyahoga County Commissioner, September 9, 2008, 6:30 PM, at Euclid Public Library, 631 East 222nd Street, Euclid, Ohio 44123, (216) 261-5300.

I hope to see you there.

PD endorsement

  Could be the kiss of death...PD's endorsed candidates,.... I mean GCP's candidates, Emily Lipovan in Ward 15 and Joe Cimperman for Congressional District 10, didn't cut it with the voters.  Not saying that the opposing candidates in those contests deserved the job either, but the electorate made some effort to distinguish fact from fiction. 

All in all, I don't know that PLJ is really cut out to be a politician.  He seems too normal and smart--and out of place next to the political caricatures next to him.  Besides, does he really have the support of the local democratic machine and does he want it?  Afterall, if Sutherland does win by some backlash effect, then PLJ should be appointed to fill out Dimora's term when he (and hopefully many others) are forced to step down.

There's a reason they are called the old guard

The PD and CGPartners are emboldened by their 72 year old maverick, Alaskan bare, and lots of Viagra. Watch out at every front as the old guard is armed, lead poisoned, and heavily medicated. This will be the most vicious and harmful election in our memory, at every level of politics, which is saying a lot.


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a "made woman"?

Sounds like one of those mafioso things, gangsterism, racketeering, patent unfairnessssssssssssssssss....(this is the hissing sound of all the air escaping from Brent Larkin's political runabout's pneumatic tyres--is Brent still there, BTW?)

May you join me at the debate tonight?

Look at all the GCPartners being made right now... they are in a glass Howse... and all appointments are coming largely through Squire Sanders, which I still believe has direct connections with Carney (FBI, are you monitoring this?).

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remember one thing: he's a gentleman, and an advocate

All the snarkiness aside for a moment, we have to remember a few things about PLJ. He's a gentleman, and he plays fair. He's a class act. He has a quality education, and it shows. He is a breath of fresh air among the commissioners, and lends dignity to what is otherwise a vulgar brawl. He is what Tim Hagan would like to have become, had he been able to ape the Kennedy clan even more completely.


We've seen Peter at the courthouse take time from his own schedule to stand in as counsel for people who have no representation. He is aware of others, and he is compassionate. He is a leader and a quiet warrior.


His opponents would have you mistake refinement for weakness; make no such mistake.


I am a registered Republican, and I know quality when I see it. I cannot say much of what I have said above with regard to my chosen local party's candidate for this position. We have a lot of strange guys trying to manipulate what they shouldn't.

No offense to Peter Lawson Jones, but he's a true Republican

If NEO Republicans weren't so racist they would see in Peter Lawson Jones, and Barak Obama, just the people of high moral and intellectual value and truly "Christian Character" (as opposed to the Christian Retardation of today's Republican mainstream), that I believe most thinking Republicans of even close character want leading their world. If PLJ and Barak Obama were white, and Republican, with their exact same platforms and credentials, they would be Republican superstars.

My great uncle Lloyd Roulet was the Republican mayor of Toledo for many years and my family was always Republican, until the NeoChristian Right took charge, and we all dropped the party because it has a plague. If they could get their heads out of their self-richous asses and act like humans, rather than devine devils... seperate church and state... all the people of the world could get along just fine.

The hatred of the world today is all in the name of Jesus, as always, and I'm sure that is never what he wanted for anyone in humanity.

Christian soldiers of today, as always, if there is a hell you are headed that way.

Thou shalt not kill, nor force your young to kill!

    Lloyd Emerson
Roulet was born September 15, 1891 in Toledo, Ohio where he attended
Sherman Elementary and the former Central High School.  By 1907,
he was working in the family owned business eventually becoming both
vice president and general manager.  The Roulet Company established
in 1877 by Lloyd's father, George, began as a jewelry and watch repair
shop but by 1977 was the largest of five manufacturing jewelers in Northwest

     Lloyd, a
Mason for sixty-five years, gained international notoriety for the design
and manufacture of emblems.  One of these Roulet-produced Masonic
emblems was worn by Walter Schirra, Jr. when he commanded the first
manned Apollo mission in October, 1968.

the company's hundred year history, more than 5,000 dies were created
by the craftsmen.  When the Exchange Club brought Amelia Earheart
here to speak, she was presented with a medal designed exclusively for
her.  The die was retired shortly thereafter.  Another of
national significance was used to make the gold seal stamped with the
figures of a Gramophone, dog, and the words "His Master's Voice," 
used as the RCA trademark.

     A Republican,
Mr. Roulet was persuaded by friends to run for council in 1939. 
He spent eighteen consecutive years in city government and was the visionary
behind the Toledo Express Airport built entirely without the use of
federal funds.  In 1946, he was appointed to the city's first board
of community relations whose purpose was to fight discrimination within
the housing and employment industry.  When Toledo's 41st mayor
(1942-1948) died at the age of 94 on February 6, 1985, he held the distinction
as "the longest-lived mayor."


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made or maid?

As I have said before, I respect Sarah Palin although we have very little in common. Like men and women before her, she is being used. The difference? She knows she is being used, which is another story for another day. Does Debra Sutherland know she is being used?

Absolute power...

I suppose you speak from a woman's perspective of looking through glass ceilings and so have different perspectives on women in politics. I try to be entirely gender neutral and look at qualifications, character and accomplishments. From what I've seen of Palin and Sutherland, both are mediocre to bad in every way - male or female is of no matter in choosing leaders in such important positions.

If we want equality of the sexes, focus on who does not pay women and men equally, which I do not believe happens much in government.

Palin and Sutherland have good, well paying jobs and are hungry for more power and money - typical greedy people. They aren't being used... they are using their gender to profit... male do it too... world's oldest profession.

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gender neutral

Is not possible.

Why not?

 Both the men and women of the world equally treat Earth like a sewer so to me we are all the same...

A gender neutral toilet, also known as a unisex bathroom or a gender-free bathroom is a public restroom or toilet that is available for use by either the male or female gender, and include family restrooms.

Transgender advocacy groups in the United States
have taken up the cause of unisex bathrooms. They see unisex bathrooms
as a solution to eliminate harassment and other inconveniences for
trans people in using conventional bathrooms. In 2005 there were only 5
American cities, including San Francisco and New York, with regulations for public restroom access based on person's perceived gender identity rather than their birth sex.[1]

There are several ways to add gender neutral toilets to existing
restroom provision without building new toilet blocks. One is to simply
designate disabled toilets as gender neutral, as disabled users of both
genders use them anyway. Under this model, Bradford University became the first university in the United Kingdom to institute gender neutral toilets in 2008 after campaigning by the student union's welfare officer, Sophia Coles-Riley. Another option is to make all toilets unisex, regardless of previous designation. Sussex University is trialling this in the next academic year. [2]


Disrupt IT

I have always wondered

In a restaurant, coffee shop or other establishment that has two restrooms one marked for men and one for women why should there ever be a line. If one is not being used, why not simply use the unoccupied restroom? I have begun doing this as have other people-both genders. Why the need for gender specific signage. Of course, I suppose a urinal might be necessary, but is it really? just remember to put down the toilet seat.

This reminds me of a story. Years ago when I was WAY into I can do anything you can do with my male friends, now who cares if I can I do what I do you do what you do. anyway, way back when, I said to my friend Paul, what can you do that I can't? His answer I can stand while I pee.

Never asked ANYBODY that question again.

Women can stand and pee...

But can can they write their names in the snow? 

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