Med Grow Cannabis College opens in Michigan

Submitted by Eternity on Sat, 11/28/2009 - 15:54.

Max Eternity - The state of Michigan has opened the first cannabis college in the United States. 

It's a decision that could, in the long-term, prove a shrewd move--benefiting the state's economy.

Too, in a broader context, with medical marijuana now being legal in a few states, certain questions arise:

Will the employ of cannabis as a legitimate resource pave the way for implementing hemp as a renewable energy resource?  And can such a shift in thinking also move the Judicial Branch to revisit President Reagan's draconian [racist] War on Drugs policies--still in effect? 

Click here to visit the Med Grow Cannabis College website.

And we legalize casinos

Michigan blows our doors off again.

This is certainly part of my platform for this region's future... too bad we'll be a follower rather than leader, once again.

Disrupt IT

Hemp is a trillion-dollar sleeping giant

While it is a proven fact that cannabis has medicinal attributes, the industry that interest me more, in relation to the marijuana plant, is hemp. 

Hemp is a total money maker.  And it's environmentally friendly--able to grow in virtually any environment. 

The reefer madness of the 1950's up to the Reagan's War on Drugs robbed this nation of a natural resource that had been a staple crop in America--indeed around the world--since the beginning of time.  It can be used to make plant-based fuel.  It's also edible--hemp seeds--being able to be eaten as a meal, flour, butter, candy, cookies, bread etc. 

And no, unlike the flower and leaves, hemp seeds and stalks do not get you high.

Hemp can also be used to make non-toxic plastic. 

The hemp plant can be used to produce rope, bed linens, carpet and other textiles.  It can also be used for industrial design goods like computer parts, dinner dishes, car parts, furniture, etc.

And hemp is cheap, cheap, cheap, requiring very little labor--unlike cotton--to cultivate and process.

If hemp were legalized in all 50 states, in less than a decade it would be reasonable to project a trillion-dollar plus injection into the American economy.

Imagine if gardeners and independent farmers could grow their own hemp, selling the resulting products to neighbors and at community markets.

Furthermore, the US could stop using coal entirely, simply by legalizing hemp--using our existing agricultural infastructure and manufacturing corridors to process and purvey it.

America's energy depenency on Saudi-Af-Pak oil--all the resulting genocidal wars and occupations on Arab soil--is the low road that the US has chosen to take.  As it seems we prefer violence and environmental destruction over a cost-efficient, peaceful, sustainable, plant-based AMERICAN OWNED methods of meeting domestic energy needs.

We've been brainwashed as a people to have extremely low expectations of ourselves and the natural resources we have at our fingertips--wind, solar, hemp, etc.

It only seems unreal because we've bought into the lie of scarcity.

Hemp is the future.

There is enough. 

Poverty is a psych-op fabrication.

There is enough.






Go Michigan! - GO!!!

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