J..P. Morgan Chase, aka Plymouth Park Tax Services, ADMITS rigging tax lien sales in over 30 States- $211 million settlement-

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 J.P Morgan Chase and it's subsidaries, Plymouth Park Tax Services and Xspand, recently admitted their guilt in rigging delinquent property tax liens in 33 states- including Ohio.    

JPMorgan Chase & Co. has agreed to pay $211 million after admitting one of its divisions rigged dozens of bidding competitions to win business from state and local governments.

Our local government in Cuyahoga County made the bid rigging process very simple for Plymouth Park Tax Services.  The NO BID contract was handed to Plymouth Park Tax Services, along with a $50,000 grant to "study" delinquent property tax liens in Cuyahoga County.  (full story here)

Plymouth Park Tax Services victimized tens of thousands of people in Cuyahoga County by charging 18% interest and numerous fees to release the liens.

Hundreds of properties stolen.  Neighborhoods blighted.  Victims made homeless.

And after Plymouth Park Tax Services foreclosed and obtained ownership of nearly 100 properties in Cuyahoga County, they DID NOT pay their own property taxes.

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*** UPDATE ***

If you owned a house in New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois, Ohio, DC or Florida and had a property tax lien foreclosure initiated by Plymouth Park Tax Services, you can fight back.

Plymouth Park Tax services was also known as Xspand, affliates of J.P. Morgan Chase.

Additionally, of interest are victims that have actually lost their homes due to property tax liens - especially house that were owned for decades with considerable equity.
If so, please contact Attorney James McEldrew, III, at ( 215) 545-8800 or 123 S. Broad Street, Suite 1920, Philadephia, PA 19109 email jim [at] mceldrewlaw [dot] com" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">jim [at] mceldrewlaw [dot] com or www.mceldrewlaw.com


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What's the price tag for this?

Below are photos of the property tax foreclosure victim also on eviction day.  The mentally ill victim is looking out his door after realizing that representatives from Plymouth Park Tax Services were knocking on his door- to kick him out of his home owned for nearly 50 years.

Unfortunately, due to the victim's mental health status, he was not fully aware of what was about to happen and did not pack or move any of his belongings prior to the knock on his door.




Division: Department: County

Division: Department: County Treasurer

Description Initiatives\Highlights

Tax Certificate Administration

The County Treasurer is authorized by H.B. 371 (effective 2/25/98) to sell delinquenttax liens in the form of tax certificates. The purchaser of the tax lien buys the tax certificates for the amount of delinquent taxes, assessments, penalties and interest,plus a premium or minus a discount, and all fees associated with the cost of the sale.The purchaser assumes the superior lien of the state and its taxing districts for those taxes, assessments, penalties and interests collecting at rate of up to 18%. The tax certificate purchaser may institute foreclosure proceedings against the property one year after the certificate is issued.

The County Treasurer intends to increase the number of delinquent tax certificates sold during the 2006 calendar year. In 2004, the Treasurer negotiated a purchase agreement with GLS Capital-Cuyahoga, the purchaser of tax certificates in previous years. In late 2004, GLS Capital-Cuyahoga was purchased by Plymouth Park, a subsidiary of Bear Stearns. Plymouth Park will purchase tax liens in 2005, with the servicing of the tax liens done by Xpand. In early 2006, Bear Stearns, purchased both Plymouth Park and Xpand. While this purchase will not directly affect the sale of tax liens in Cuyahoga County, it will ensure that our tax lien purchaser has sufficient financial resources to finance these purchases.

Program Statistics                                                                  2004           2005             2006

Tax Lien Cert. Sold                                                                  3,012          5,106            6,000

Cert. Pending Properties Redeemed                                       3,000           6,000           6,000


No price will be paid...unless the claimants file civil claims

for damages...


The real question is....which lawyer will now take on a class action lawsuit against Rokakis, Russo,and Cuyahoga county????? The claims MUST BE FILED to be validated.....


no attorney in town wanted to touch this case before...but who will be there for paydays as a rep of the victims???? such a joke! Lily, Call me next week and please don't forget...I have another victim of these games to refer to you. 


Remember...all this time; hundreds of attorneys were solicited...all too good to protect the people's rights....but now they'll all be jumping in for their split of everyone's proceeds.


Love and prayers to all the victims....


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

civil claims

That is why I added this to my blog:

** Settlement information for victims and more details will be updated here on Tuesday, 9/6/11**

I notified the attorney that has been working on this case to inform him of the settlement.

As you recall, Dianna, last year this attorney met with a major law firm to discuss a class action case.   He was to return to the law firm with documentation detailing the excessive fees, provide a presentation, and the firm would vote on taking on this case.  The case was rejected because I could not get enough documentation from victims.

Now that J.P. Morgan has admitted rigging tax lien sales, I have a feeling the law firm just might change their minds about this case.  They have already shown interest and are familiar with this case.  They have all of our research already.

Possible bad news for individual victims - update -

The attorney is still researching this issue, but told me that it appears the plaintiffs in this case are the actual states and counties and NOT individuals.

He is still researching this settlement  and considering a possible class action on behalf of the  individual victims.

 Let's picket Chase and get

 Let's picket Chase and get it over with--Kathy Wray Coleman


Minority property owners were targeted

Property owners on the East Side of Cleveland, East Cleveland, and minority concentrated Eastern suburbs were hit hard by these thieves.  They were sold out by corrupt elected officials.

I filed a complaint with the NAACP, but it was ignored.  I met with a councilman for East Cleveland and he agreed with me.  He told me that he already felt this way and tried to warn others.  The councilman was outraged by my research and drove a copy of my research and complaint to George Forbes' home.  I went to the NAACP myself and talked with Stan Miller several times about this issue.  I referrred several victims to the NAACP.

I wonder if the NAACP can still ignore my complaint now that J.P. Morgan has admitted rigging tax liens?

Click on this link to view all of the liens owned by Xspand, aka Plymouth Park Tax Services, aka J.P. Morgan.   Take a good look at this list of delinquent property tax liens that Plymouth Park Tax Services purchased from Cuyahoga County.  Some say West by the street names, but that is mostly an error.  There are very few West Side or Western Suburbs on this list.

Read former East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer's words:

According to former Mayor Eric Brewer via Cleveland.com:

Gus Frangoes never called me. I do, however, understand Jim Rokakis' oft-handed comments.
I wrote him a letter in 2006 asking that he not sell anymore properties through third-party tax lien sales to GLS Capital and Plymouth Park Investments out of East Cleveland. Mayor Frank Jackson had also asked him not to sell tax liens from Cleveland. 

 I was critical of Rokakis pushing this blight-causing deal in 1999 when I hosted a radio show on WERE. I think it's absolutely horrible how he, as an elected official, pushed for a tax lien sale state law that created blight in East Cleveland by letting third party investors sit on vacant properties without cutting the grass, boarding them up, maintaining or rehabilitating them. If Steve Litt wants to write a real story, investigate Rokakis' third party tax lien sales and the impact they've had on school district budgets. He claimed it helps the schools but empty houses don't generate property taxes. Rokakis' policies have done much to decimate the East Cleveland school district's budget and that of every other community in Cuyahoga County where he's been selling tax liens to third party investors.
I had some blocks with 37 properties and 25 delapidated vacancies. Every year we had to divert general fund and HUD dollars from other purposes just to take care of abandoned properties. Go to Rokakis' website. He won't update the "tax lien certificate sales" information past 2006 because it will show just how his policies have devasted the county. Through 2006 it shows he sold the tax liens to 22912 properties from East Cleveland, Cleveland and other cities throughout the county. How many tax liens has Rokakis sold over the past four years? That's the number he's hiding from the public. He has refused to allow the individual tax delinquent homeowner to buy their own tax lien at up to a 30 percent discount, but he sells their tax lien to a third-party for that amount. Steve Litt. This is the real story.


Take a look at all of the property owned (at the time of my investigation last year) by Plymouth Park Tax Services.  Almost every single property is on the East Side.

1.       1613 Elberon Ave, East Cleveland, OH 44112   delinquent taxes $2,053.47 

2.       4150 E 138 St, Cleveland, OH 44105                delinquent taxes  $1,592.59 

3.       13909 Orinoco Ave, East Cleveland, OH 44112    delinquent taxes $1,568.73

4.       890 E 130 St, Cleveland, OH 44108                  delinquent taxes $2,917.99

5.      13215 Alvin Ave, Garfield Hts, OH 44105            delinquent taxes $2,331.27

6.      1516 Luxor Rd, East Cleveland, OH 44112        delinquent taxes $1,297.17

7.      12414 Farringdon AVE, Cleveland, OH 44105    delinquent taxes $2,411.11

8.      1061 E 167 ST, Cleveland, OH 44110               delinquent taxes $2,090.81

9.      3234 W 88 St, Cleveland, OH 44102                delinquent taxes $1,608.16

10.    1622 E 84 St, Cleveland, OH 44103                 delinquent taxes $2,667.86

11.    11806 Fairport Cleveland, OH 44108               delinquent taxes $1,451.10

12.     14113 Tokay AVE, Maple Hts, OH 44137         delinquent taxes $2,773.79

13.    11902 Fairport Cleveland, OH 44108               delinquent taxes $1,446.14

14.     14113 Tokay AVE, Maple Hts, OH 44137        delinquent taxes $ 2,773.79 

15.     11902 Fairport Cleveland, OH 44108              delinquent taxes $1,446.14

16.     3529 East BLVD, Cleveland, OH 44105            delinquent taxes $3,253.54

17.    12904 Dove AVE, Cleveland, OH 44105           delinquent taxes $6,479.00

18.    13619 Christine AVE, Garfield Hts, OH 44105   delinquent taxes $5,581.56

19.    9607 Parmelee Ave, Cleveland, OH 44108        delinquent taxes $1,216.22

20.   10805 Earle Ave, Cleveland, OH 44108             delinquent taxes $2,451.29

21    805 E 131 ST , Cleveland, OH  44108                   delinquent taxes $1,612.16

22.   3877 E 142 St, Cleveland, OH 44128                    delinquent taxes $3,827.72

23.   3780 Mayfield RD, Cleveland Hts, OH 44121         delinquent taxes $10,164.97

24.   4046 Northfield Rd, Highland Hills Village, OH 44122   delinquent taxes $3,678.81

25.   24275 Donover Rd, Warrensville Hts, OH 44128         delinquent taxes $3,217.43

26.  15127 Granger RD, Maple Hts, OH 44137                 delinquent taxes $6,291.79

27.  19919 Mountville Dr, Maple Hts, OH 44137               delinquent taxes $3,003.55

28.  3625 Washington BLVD, Cleveland Hts, OH 44118    delinquent taxes $5,174.37

29.  942 Pembrook Rd, Cleveland Hts, OH 44121             delinquent taxes $12,557.41

30.  1282 E 186 St, Cleveland, OH 44110                       delinquent taxes $1,844.77

31.  4002 Trent AVE, Cleveland, OH 44109                    delinquent taxes $2,015.08

32.  10321 Parkgate AVE, Cleveland, OH 44108             delinquent taxes $2,855.04

33.  11316 Durant AVE, Cleveland, OH 44108                 delinquent taxes $7,981.65

34.   27701 Mills AVE, Euclid, OH 44132                        delinquent taxes $2,232.32  

35.  12325 Park Knoll Dr, Garfield Hts, OH 44125           delinquent taxes $1,818.64

36   13408 S Parkway DR, Garfield Hts, OH 44105         delinquent taxes $2,394.20

37.  4673 E 85 St, Garfield Hts, OH 44125                    delinquent taxes $3,476.40

38.  13421 Emerson Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107            delinquent taxes $4,547.51

39   4072 E 139 ST, Cleveland, OH 44105                    delinquent taxes $873.58

40   4344 E 141 ST, Cleveland, OH 44128                    delinquent taxes $5,186.68

41.  4115 E 146 ST, Cleveland, OH 44128                    delinquent taxes $1,362.21

42.  16205 Judson Dr, Cleveland, OH 44128            delinquent taxes $953.36

43. 19807 Longbrook RD, Warrensville Hts, OH 44123  delinquent taxes $2,376.01

44.  16105 Mendota AVE, Maple Hts, OH 44137        delinquent taxes $11,011.57

45.  16305 Friend Ave, Maple Hts, OH 44137            delinquent taxes $3,019.45

46.   19819 Kings HWY, Warrensville Hts, OH 44122   delinquent taxes $8,283.79

47.   3608 Palmerston RD, Shaker Hts, OH 44122       delinquent taxes $28,184.22

48.   5110 Philip St, Maple Hts, OH 44137                   delinquent taxes $2,671.00

49.   19107 Gladstone Rd, Warrensville Hts, OH 44122   delinquent taxes $2,523.68

50.   3651 Latimore Rd, Shaker Hts, OH 44122               delinquent taxes $8,767.02

51.  1983 Warrensville Center RD, South Euclid, OH   delinquent taxes $13,136.66

52.    2236 Edgerton Rd, University Hts, OH 44118     delinquent taxes $5,888.70

53    3388 Cedarbrook Rd, Cleveland Hts, OH 44118   delinquent taxes $3,845.20

54.   1164 Melbourne RD, East Cleveland, OH 44112   delinquent taxes $4,690.15

55.   907 Caledonia AVE, Cleveland Hts, OH 44112      delinquent taxes $7,444.12 

56.   1680 Beverly Hills DR, Euclid, OH 44117               delinquent taxes $3,367.92

57.   25570 Tungsten RD, Euclid, OH 44132                delinquent taxes $3,231.96

58.   3967 E 121 St, Cleveland, OH 44105                  delinquent taxes $3,357.74

59.  12528 Forest AVE, Cleveland, OH 44120             delinquent taxes $5,887.51

60.  3920 E 99 St, Cleveland, OH 44105                     delinquent taxes $1,318.11

61.   9601 Heath AVE, Cleveland, OH 44104               delinquent taxes $1,203.47

62.   7812 Force AVE, Cleveland, OH 44105                delinquent taxes $1,930.77

63.  3279 E 130 ST, Cleveland, OH 44120                   delinquent taxes $2,536.84

64.  1237 E 114 ST, Cleveland, OH 44108                   delinquent taxes $2,351.40

65.  1827 Haldane RD, Cleveland, OH 44112              delinquent taxes $4,986.37

66.  16910 Grovewood Ave, Cleveland, OH 44110      delinquent taxes $2,043.33

67.  13417 Rugby RD, Cleveland, OH 44110                delinquent taxes $2,365.97

68.  15720 Mandalay Ave, Cleveland, OH 44110         delinquent taxes $1,855.10

70.  1998 Torbenson DR, Cleveland, OH 44112           delinquent taxes $3,877.43

71.  763 E 152 ST, Cleveland, OH 44110                     delinquent taxes $12,565.98

72.   794 E 154 St, Cleveland, OH 44110                    delinquent taxes $812.14

73.  341 E 156 St, Cleveland, OH 44110                      delinquent taxes $8,262.92

74.  807 E 131 St, Cleveland, OH 44108                      delinquent taxes $1,283.44

75.  1373 EAST BLVD CLEVELAND, OH 44106              delinquent taxes $3,993.51

76.  2850 E 127 ST, Cleveland, OH 44120                   delinquent taxes $2,200.59

77.   4001 E 151 ST, Cleveland, OH 44120                  delinquent taxes $4,794.80

78.   16201 Myrtle AVE, Cleveland, OH 44128             delinquent taxes $4,100.27

79.   3546 Raymont BLVD, University Hts, OH 44118    delinquent taxes $16,666.01

80.   861 Quarry DR, Cleveland Hts, OH 44121           delinquent taxes $18,367.91

81.   22701 Shore Center AVE, Euclid, OH 44123        delinquent taxes $33,336.34

82.   3962 E 41 ST, Newburgh Hts, OH 44105             delinquent taxes $7,703.00

83.   1521 Clarence AVE, Lakewood, OH 44107          delinquent taxes $15,719.32

84.   4328 E 143 ST, Cleveland, OH 44128                 delinquent taxes $2,975.68

85.   3769 E 140 ST, Cleveland, OH 44120                 delinquent taxes $6,851.10

86.   3279 E 128 ST, Cleveland, OH 44120                 delinquent taxes $3,700.37

87.   7915 Sowinski AVE, Cleveland, OH 44103          delinqent taxes $13,719.84

88.   1642 Lockwood CLEVELAND, OH 44112             delinquent taxes $2,799.55

89.   857 E 75 ST, Cleveland, OH 44103                     delinquent taxes $735.91


And I have more documentation to prove this issue.



What law did they break by targeting these areas?

While I absolutely agree with you, Lily.... I ask one question...What exact law was violated by this big corporate bank specifically targeting these specific areas??? 


If we MAPPED EVERY SINGLE PARCEL EVER BOUGHT through Tax Certificates by PPTS....Then, we might see that these places are in direct OVERLAYS to Those maps we saw on the Power Point Presentation back in January...I sent a copy of that presentation to JB earlier this year...

I see collusion and HUD violations....but we must annotate them...

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Not so sure the targeting came from big corporate banks

I think they just went with the flow. 

Who was picking and choosing select property owners to target?

5721.31 Selecting parcels for tax certificate sales.

(A)(1) After receipt of a duplicate of the delinquent land list compiled under section 5721.011 of the Revised Code, or a delinquent land list compiled previously under that section, the county treasurer may select from the list parcels of delinquent land the lien against which the county treasurer may attempt to transfer by the sale of tax certificates under sections 5721.30 to 5721.43 of the Revised Code. 

Who lobbied for this legislation?

Who lobbied for the legislation to pass tax lien certificate sales to corrupt companies- who have admitted their guilt?

Tax Lien Certificate Sales

When Jim Rokakis took office in 1997, Cuyahoga County had more delinquent property taxes owed to it than the next five largest counties combined. Some of these delinquencies were more than twenty years old. Because the process to collect these taxes was ineffective Jim lobbied the Ohio legislature to pass a law that would allow County Treasurers to sell delinquent property tax liens to third parties. This legislation (H.B. 371) passed in 1998.


In 1998, Jim Rokakis lobbied for and passed legislation for the sale of delinquent property tax liens in Cuyahoga County.  From 1999 thru 2008, the liens were sold to GLS Capital, aka Plymouth Park Tax Services, aka Xspand, minus any bidding process.

Who allowed Plymouth Park Tax Services to get away with this?

Who allowed Plymouth Park Tax Services to get away with not paying their own property taxes after they foreclosed on delinquent property tax owners?

The system of tax liens is very effective", said Jim Rokakis

The system of tax liens is very effective, but make no mistake about it, there's an incentive for those guys to buy the tax liens," said Jim Rokakis, the Cuyahoga County treasurer. 

Cuyahoga County - the first in Ohio to sell its tax liens - has canceled its tax-lien sale program to pursue a land-bank program, also a first-ever in the state. 

Under the land-bank program, the county would try to use revenue from foreclosed homes to eventually buy the vacant foreclosed properties that some say have ravaged Cleveland's neighborhoods. 

While Mr. Rokakis is moving away from the tax-lien program, he defended its goals. 

"When somebody doesn't pay them, it means somebody who does pay them is picking up their obligation," Mr. Rokakis said.


And the list above proves that  Plymouth Park Tax Services was NOT picking up their obligation.  Plymouth Park Tax Services failed to pay their own property taxes- some for well over one year.  And no one said one single word.

Plymouth Park Tax Services,aka J.P Morgan, admitted rigging the tax lien purchase process.

Like you said, Dianna, it takes two to tango.  Which public official tangoed with Plymouth Park Tax Services?

Facing Economic

Facing Economic Troubles

This week, the JOURNAL presented two different perspectives on our troubled economy. The first came from frustrated citizens of Cleveland grappling with their community’s extraordinarily high rates of foreclosure. Cuyahoga County treasurer Jim Rokakis said:

“Back in the old days when there was no sheriff in town, people would rob the banks. Well, here we are in the modern day era, and there’s no sheriff in town. The banks were robbing the people... I learned a hard lesson: I learned that the Fed really is there to protect banks, and not to protect the consumers.”

Settlement against J.P. Morgan is in dispute

JPMorgan Reaches $211 Million Settlement in State and Federal Muni Bond Bid-Rigging Probe

A $65.5 million portion of Thursday's settlement with JPMorgan, which the state AGs say will go toward restitution already looks like it could get similarly bogged down. Michael Hausfeld of Hausfeld LLP told us he planned to bring the settlement to the attention of Manhattan federal district court judge Victor Marrero. "We'll be advising the court that this settlement suffers from some of the same deficiencies as the UBS and Bank of America settlements," he said.


Plaintiffs Lawyers in Muni Bond Bid-Rigging MDL Delay JPMorgan Deal with State Ags

Facing plaintiffs lawyers' arguments that a $211 million deal that JPMorgan reached this month in the giant municipal bond bid-rigging litigation was unfair, the federal judge overseeing the case has agreed to delay part of the settlement.



Copies of the settlement, agreements and details of this crime can be found here, here  and here

** notice how the settlement clearly states, " This agreement does NOT cover tax offenses or PUBLIC CORRUPTION offenses of any kind." **

This case is part of the public corruption scandal in Cuyahoga County.





Tax Certificates are based on delinquent taxes....

The original property taxes for many parcels used to be based on low valuations such as in the Tremont neighborhood where countless people owned houses that were valued at around $10,000 with annual property taxes...but soon they were paying on excessive valuations of up and over $100,000 for dilpidated houses....which they could no longer afford on assisted incomes.



If you go back to the era when Jimmy Dimora and the last 10 years of commissioners started taking over Cuyahoga County fiscal management; you will realize that they learned that if they inflated the tax base itself; then they could drive income for the county that empowered them to "live large" and spend more money on things like the MEDICAL MART... (Look at the unreal hiring schemes at the Auditor's office and County Administration during this same period....lots of new (Unnecessary Employees hired by our county who were worthless and corrupt.....violating countless citizens...) 

....and moreover the COMMISSIONERS and AUDITOR worked collusively to also control the scheme of manuevers and reject "HELPING" families save their homes. I must have called down there fifty times over the last few years trying to get help with a property tax foreclosure...denied, denied, denied.... And who had the power to fix human errors at the county administration building: the AUDITOR...particularly when the taxes were "WRONG".... then sold as tax certificates...

The auditor's office did not value the 14th Amendment rights of owners for a long time...ILLEGALLY.

When owner's began to realize that their property taxes had went from valuations of $10,000 to nearly a $100,000 in neighborhoods like Tremont due to the development of new housing in those neighborhoods; their attempts at recourse were met with stonewalling and steering....more HUD violations...

The planning and objectives of usage with CDBG funds was abused in collaboration with this tax scheme...These players knew that they were driving out low income lifelong families from mortgage free homes for all too long....but that was their premitated plan. They figured that they could eradicate the blight by depriving those families of help again and again.

This was all part of their "AGENDA"....since the late 90's.....

Their plan has DESTROYED our sense of community and empowered corruption.



Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"



....first you must understand that CDC's work in coordination with the hidden MASTER PLANS regarding neighborhoods and that they have had access to knowing which neighborhoods were slated for development and which were slated for demolition....They were able to definitively tell citizens if they "qualified" for assistance countless times....but instead; they used that information to TARGET distressed homes for future development plans while being 2 faced to owners who lived in them....I have 3 VERIFIABLE examples of this in TREMONT....and many more....

But who cares? These folks are running on their own set of laws! They don't give a hoot about the federal government oversight...they have their pals up in City Hall covering their behinds and empowering them to do this over and over and over.....why??? Because the results make them look good???? (Taste of Tremont?)....







Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

OHIO LAW HAS NO PROTECTION FOR owner's 14th amendment rights

regarding PROPERTY TAX CERTIFICATES................proven in a court of law......

(Remember: ROKAKIS AND Plymouth Park Tax Services aka JP MORGAN CHASE created those laws...intriguing; huh?)


>....they didn't put any protection in there for owner's of properties.


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

 The Housing Discrimination

 The Housing Discrimination Act gives due process protections--Kathy Wray Coleman


Allegation of targeting supported by Case Western Reserve

My allegation of selling tax liens mostly in minority concentrated areas  is backed up by Case Western Reserve.

Review their report here and look for the graph that details, 'BOR and Tax Foreclosure filings 2006-2010'.         

BOR = Boards of Revision