Do a Good Deed, Get Exercise, Earn Free Rose/cuttings or a Measly $10 Hr

Submitted by Oldroser on Tue, 04/19/2011 - 02:57.

My dear RealNEO family, I haven't posted in a long time or even "lurked" due to new health issues as well as my normal fatigue, balance and speech troubles due to my brain lesion, fibromyalgia, frequent migraines and the backlog of things to do that built up as a result.

Now I need some help, roses don't wait. If you can help me with anything, send me an email via this site And whether you can help or not, remember, everyone is always invited to come see the roses bloom.  

I have the potted roses out of the garage but am three weeks behind in pruning. The main garden is almost all pruned.

I have been lucky enough to get some old hybrid teas that have been unavailable or quite difficult to get from a nursery that is closing down and selling the 5,000 roses planted there. They are ENORMOUS and cost $19-$25 to ship.  I need someone to dig a very deep hole to plant one of them.

The potted roses almost all need to be taken out, trimmed with a breadknife and put back in with fresh potting soil and fertilizer. The other roses need fertilizing as well. I give them alfalfa, PlantTone (HomeDepot didn't have Rose Tone), old coffee grounds, and Epsom salts.

My new, large, double Shepherd's crook needs to be put up and tied to the other posts I have had put in to hold onto if I lose my balance while working in the garden. Their wires need to be tightened and all connected together. My Amish-grown heirloom tomatoes will be arriving this week or next, and I will grow them hanging from the Shepherd's Crook. I grew one upside down last year, and it worked; but I think up in the air will be good enough.

If anyone is good at caulking, which I am not, I need a big gap between the new cushion tile floor I had put in the bathroom and the toilet caulked. The handyman never returned to finish the job, after he got the requested 90% progress payment. I could have done a better job than he did.

I could use some help  carrying a heavy plate glass that currently goes across two teak chests I had made for me on Okinawa down to the car.  I need it cut in half and beveled so they are separate. I eventually will list one with Craigslist or an auction house, with a reserve of $600. If you are interested in buying one, let me know. I am told I need to make more room in my very small rowhouse.

The now-fired cleaning lady I had once a month was not oiling my wood furniture and teak really needs it. I have had to take all my clothes out of a lowboy and chest of drawers so I could oil them well. I've been putting the clothes into bags. If some lady would like to put these away it would help.

AngelInWard14 has ben urging me to post a series of email "conversations" I have had with the City and ODOT about the Innerbelt Project, and I hope to do that as soon as I can fit it in. It will be a series of posts, too long to put in one.

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I will call you Old Roser

and stop by this weekend and possiby after work this week.  I will see if AngelnWard14 ,  EJ, or Guy or has some spare time also.

I was out of of town with my mom and missed our belly dancers. :(

Please be cautious about inviting strangers into your home, especially on the internet.  Read the e-mail that I sent you asap.

 I will take care of this for you, so no need for anyone to respond to Old Roser's blog.


The post was meant for RealNeo members

If Norm was still in East Cleveland, I hoped to get him over here with the magic worm dust he promised me last year! Although I am out of the rosehip tea I promised him last year, and did serve to some ladies.

Thank you, Lily, you are always helping others. I know you have been busy, so I didn't want to bother you. There are some members of the community I want to meet that I haven't met yet. Laura, for one, who couldn't make it to the bellydancing either. We had a good time. Good food also.


I have not been able to visit the site for a while. Looking quickly at some postings I see with sorrow that "I disagree with what you said, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" (attributed to Voltaire) has been forgotten. Polite, civilized exchanges of differing views in the spirit of "we can then at least agree to disagree" and a search for common areas of agreement and a sense of community seem to be disappearing. I hope this divisive trend does not continue.

So it seems best to amend my invitation above. Anyone who attacks my friends Lily, Dianna, Guy, Jerleen, Deb no friend of mine and not welcome in my home to view my roses or at any other time.

Times have changed, Oldroser

Unfortunately it is not safe to even invite people to your home anymore.   That is why I posted my comment limiting folks ability to contact you and also sending you a private e-mail requesting that you remove your home phone number and e-mail address.

I am upset that there are still very limited services that have been offered to you despite our efforts to find you help.  It is hard to believe that a  disabled senior -such as yourself- can not get any help or qualify for home health aide services.  It is disgusting.

You mentioned wanting to meet Laura and Norm.  Both good people to meet and very trustworthy.  I wonder if Norm still has the Magic Dust from the worms?  If not, I bet my friends that produces the product might have some to spare.  I will check with them and see if they have any supplies left.

I have been so kind to volunteer my partner in crime's services (Guy Black) , and I am sure he will be willing.  He volunteers me for stuff, so I thought I would return the favor.

I am glad that Angelnward14 found her way over there to help you.  She is a good person to help you.

I can caulk

Just need to know what type that you would want to use, and if it would be painted. You can e-mal me privately with the details. I could not get over till the beginning of May.

I learned to caulk last summer.


Wet Fingers

and a wet rag help with caulking.....


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"