Cleveland + Foundation = CIA + Anthrax: Why Is Northeast Ohio's Economic Future Planned With Bush League Intelligence?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 09/28/2009 - 08:12.

Since June, 2003, bio-defense industry world-leader Ronald B. (Ronn) Richard has served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Cleveland Foundation, the nation's oldest community foundation. Since January, 2005, Richard has also served as a Director of Emergent BioSolutions Inc., a leading biopharmaceutical company whose marketed product is BioThrax(R) (Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed), the only FDA-licensed vaccine available for pre-exposure protection against anthrax infection -

From Richard's Emergent BioSolutions' Directors profile on from August 2002 to February 2003, Mr. Richard served as president of Stem Cell Preservation, Inc. (a subsidiary of CRYO-CELL International, Inc. that was closed less than a year after Richard left). After leaving Stem Cell Preservation and prior to joining Emergent BioSolutions, Mr. Richard served as a strategic business advisor for IGEN International, Inc. (a biotechnology company acquired by Roche Holding, Ltd., in February 2004). Mr. Richard served as chief operating officer of In-Q-Tel, a venture capital fund that provides technologies to the Central Intelligence Agency, from March 2001 to August 2002 (where he worked for President George W. Bush, during 9/11/2001).

From Intelligence Online:

A year after the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was set up, its Science and Technology division devotes two thirds of its R and D budget to bio-defense programs that are now viewed as a top priority: $450 million invested in 2003 and 2004 and $600 million in 2005 for prevention of, and response to, biological and chemical attacks. Within the division, the Homeland Security Advanced Research Project Agency (HSARPA, IOL 468) manages the funding of R and D in the private sector. Investment funds that are putting their money on bio-defense technologies (In-Q-Tel, Paladin Homeland Security Fund) and traditional Pentagon suppliers like SAIC have managed to place their men in the DHS and particularly in agencies that have influence over the choice of programs and in defining standards.

Anyone in the world must wonder why this man, largely concerned with global bio-terrorism and U.S. government central intelligence, under the human-rights-obliterating Bush Administration, would be selected to lead a philanthropic organization in Cleveland, Ohio. Regarding Richard's job at The Cleveland Foundation, in my words:

Mr. Richard came to Cleveland to serve the NEO Establishment as President and CEO of The Cleveland Foundation, the NEO Establishment’s innovative venture capital fund. He manages The Cleveland Foundation’s financial, technology and business operations. Beyond oversight of day-to-day operations and responsibilities for evolving and stewarding The Cleveland Foundation’s strategic vision, Mr. Richard quickly established himself as a driving force in shaping The Cleveland Foundation’s technology transfer process. In this role, Mr. Richard worked closely with his counterparts and clients at the NEO Establishment to ensure prompt and effective delivery and insertion of The Cleveland Foundation-sourced technologies into the NEO Establishment community. He also helps to mentor management in the early stage companies in which The Cleveland Foundation invests.

My interpretation of his current job description for the Cleveland Foundation is based on a May 2004 description of Richard's job description at the CIA, as provided by Notre Dame College in their profile of Richard, when they awarded him an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters (Ph.D.):

Mr. Richard left Panasonic to serve the U.S. Government as chief operating officer and managing partner of In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s innovative venture capital fund. He managed In-Q-Tel’s financial, technology and business operations. Beyond oversight of day-to-day operations and responsibilities for evolving and stewarding In-Q-Tel’s strategic vision, Mr. Richard quickly established himself as a driving force in shaping In-Q-Tel’s technology transfer process. In this role, Mr. Richard worked closely with his counterparts and clients at the CIA to ensure prompt and effective delivery and insertion of In-Q-Tel-sourced technologies into the U.S. intelligence community. He also helped to mentor management in the early stage companies in which In-Q-Tel invested.

From Wikipedia, regarding In-Q-Tel:

In-Q-Tel of Arlington, Virginia, United States is a not-for-profit venture capital firm that invests in high-tech companies for the sole purpose of keeping the Central Intelligence Agency equipped with the latest in information technology in support of United States intelligence capability.[4] Originally named Peleus and known as In-Q-It, In-Q-Tel was launched in 1999 under the direction of Gilman Louie.[4] In-Q-Tel’s mission is to identify and invest in companies developing cutting-edge technologies that serve United States national security interests. Working from an evolving strategic blueprint defining the Intelligence Community's critical technology needs, In-Q-Tel engages with entrepreneurs, growth companies, researchers, and venture capitalists to deliver technologies that provide superior capabilities for the CIA, DIA, NGA, and the larger Intelligence Community. In-Q-Tel concentrates on three broad commercial technology areas: software, infrastructure and materials sciences.

In-Q-Tel functions partially in public, however what products it has and how they are used is strictly secret.[8] According to the Washington Post, virtually any U.S. entrepreneur, inventor or research scientist working on ways to analyze data has probably received a phone call from In-Q-Tel or at least been Googled by its staff.[8] The Constitutional repercussions of this disclosure alarm some critics.

Hello, In-Q-Tel staff!

Hello, Ronald Richard!

At The Cleveland Foundation, Richard gives out more money in a year than the entire In-Q-Tel budget (from Wikipedia, in 2005 it was said to be funded with about $37 million a year from the CIA).

From The Cleveland Foundation website:

Established in 1914, the Cleveland Foundation is the world's first community foundation and the nation’s third-largest today, with assets of $1.6 billion and annual grants of $84 million. The foundation improves the lives of Greater Clevelanders now and for generations to come by building community endowment, addressing needs through grantmaking, and providing leadership on vital issues.

Further, from their History of the Cleveland Foundation:

Here at home, Goff’s dream has grown into a $1.6 billion civic-progress fund – engine of collective betterment, collaborative partnerships, and courageous leadership. The foundation has evolved from an institution funded by the wealthy to one endowed by people of all income levels. It serves the region, not just the city. And it has firmly reinforced its commitment to serve as an active and visionary community agenda-setter, not a mere grantmaker.

However, The Cleveland Foundation is not directed "by people of all income levels", as illustrated by the Board of Directors for which Richard works:

While there are no good measures of the amount of power this board and Richard hold in the Northeast Ohio region, it is safe to say there are no forces more powerful. This power largely controls our regional economy, government, environment and society, which are all failures in nearly every measurable way, except, perhaps, for investors in Bio-Science and polluting, here.

I met Richard once, in a meeting with then-newly-elected East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer and former Kent State University Cleveland Urban Design Center planner David Reed, and Richard was quite up-front discussing local politics - he made clear the Cleveland Foundation likes politicians who do what the Cleveland Foundation asks them to do. I believe Brewer listened, as his only real "accomplishments" in office seem to be turning planning in East Cleveland over to the Foundations and powerful establishment interests, leading to planning of a coal-fired power plant in East Cleveland, to benefit many Cleveland Foundation stakeholders united as University Circle, Incorporated.

Based on my observations from that meeting, and from the past 5 years observing foundations' influence on this community, under Richard, I observed, on January 10, 2009, in "Preamble: Real Co-op for Open Food, Information and Community Development 2009", "some people in Northeast Ohio are embedded in processes to control community development and so local foods a certain “foundation” way."

There, I elaborate on the subject:

As an economist, competitive analyst, consultant, entrepreneur and concerned citizen, I've been observing and confronting many barriers to innovation here, for over 15 years, and they must be overcome for the optimization of local entrepreneurship in any opportune economic sectors like local foods and open source social computing, or to do anything paradigm-breaking like REALNEO.US and REAL CO-OP

Rather than nurture open collaboration and entrepreneurship here, leadership has structured strict command and control, top-down systems to keep as much public wealth and power within a small community of close “friends and families”, sprawled throughout the region, supported with foundations of once immense wealth once here, now crumbling like so much of our sprawling infrastructure.

Overcoming these barriers at the community level will redirect sufficient resources to enable progress for an astounding number of stakeholders in many economic sectors now hoping for trickle-down benefits of top-down approaches to economic opportunity, social equity and community building.

We all know how trickle down economics is supposed to work, and that it only benefits those at the top.

I go on to observe:

To proceed developing a healthy, open new economy here, we must analyze, document and eliminate the root causes of economic development failure, starting with the command and control system.

At the very top, the Command and Control strategy of this region is defined through Master Planning by some leadership at the Cleveland Foundation and other foundations, driven by Ronn Richards, Brad Whitehead and many other foundation staff and consultants, empowered by their Fund for our Economic Future and its sprawling affiliate initiatives, influencing many non-profits and their leadership, the Plain Dealer and other media interests present here, Mayor Jackson and many of his appointees and department directors, many Cleveland City Council members, many in their CDCs and their staff and leadership, academics and staff at our universities, many suburban mayors, Governor Strickland, many Northeast Ohio representatives in Columbus and Washington, D.C., and an astounding number of their best friends and family, to benefit many dominant business leaders and major real estate developers with local interests here, who have a dominant control over the top of the pyramid, being the leadership of our many foundations (all hereinafter “They/Them/Their”).

That list may seem like everyone in government, industry and community development in the region, but the problem is largely a few power brokers at the top of the pyramid, and their paid lieutenants – the other 1,000s of people carrying out their plan are mostly paid employees in tough times, misdirected by a few hundred “community leaders”, some good but misguided... others corrupt, all who are in pursuit of the $ billions controlled directly by the foundation leaders.

They use Their $ billions to control many $ billions more of public funding, and They attempt to control more daily, and all parties involved are responsible for how that money is allocated and spent.

I conclude:

It is a new day in America, we have a great new President, and we must reposition this region to be worthy of his support, and respect.

To change the economy here for the better, we must challenge the modus operandi of the current Power-Brokers head-on.

Their strategy is simple... they pursue to control all of the government workforce, health, education, social services, research, economic and other community development money and opportunities that come into or through this region, from any sources, that they may, and direct as much of that as possible to inside interests... often with flagrant patronage for direct friends and family.

Through CDCs and other non-profits, a small number of foundation leaders and operatives have developed private workforces of indirect employees controlling $ billions a year in public money, in Northeast Ohio alone. This represents the privatization and misallocation of $ billions in taxpayer economic development and other money to inside interests, with government blessing and assistance, without consulting taxpayers. In fact, all of this has been done behind closed doors.

A current example of their modus operandi in action is exploiting $10s millions of HUD urban redevelopment money through the Cleveland Foundation's Strategic Investment Initiative, benefiting Their friends and closest stakeholders, like the Cleveland Clinic.

They've been doing such things for years, but now They raise the stakes, in exploitation of the difficult economic times here, by attempting to corrupt the good will of our new President.

They have attempted to position their initiatives and leaders to divert to their corporate and institutional interests the $ billions expected in 2009 stimulus dollars for Ohio.

In Their strategic investment initiatives for this most impoverished region, with the most impoverished city in the country, social services and human welfare are lost concepts.

Where is the funding for really valuable education reform, workforce development, small business and distressed homeowner code violation repair loans... real changes where they are needed and have been promised to the people who made Obama our President of the United States of America, for change.

Where is the social equity value added in Their vision for the bottom of the new economy?

Where is there any distinct economic development value added from Their diversion of public money into industrial investments at the top of the old economy?

For this entire century, They have been forcing upon the region an industrial economic development strategy that failed the region from the beginning, and turned measurably disastrous several years ago, when it really took hold.

Their regional economy-depressing economic development initiatives have included the Voices and Choices :community engagement”, Dashboard of Regional Economic Indicators performance tracking system, and resulting SII/Connecting Cleveland 2020/More Sustainable Cleveland economic control directives.

The people behind the strategies are easily identified and network-mapped, and their performance is easily measured.

Why would we look to these people for innovation, vision, leadership or financial integrity, much less solutions to the problems caused by them?

Perhaps, considering the origins and failure of our regional economic development strategy, rooted in 911-era CIA leadership, the better question is why the health, welfare and well-being of the citizens of Cleveland is so largely controlled by The Cleveland Foundation, how did they choose Ronald Richard to be our ultimate leader, and, ultimately, are you satisfied with his planning for your economic future, since 2003?

Does it really matter.

Consider Ohio Governor Ted Strickland's decision, in January, 2009, to appoint Richard "Infrastructure Czar" for the state of Ohio! From a press release from the Governor:

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland today appointed Ronald B. Richard, president and CEO of the Cleveland Foundation, to the position of infrastructure czar for the State of Ohio.

Richard will head a process, in consultation with the state legislature, the federal government, local communities and other partners, to determine the most efficient and effective distribution of the infrastructure component of the federal stimulus funds. 

Details from the Press Release explain:

 “Ronn’s background in the public, private and non-profit sectors makes him uniquely qualified to serve in this critical role,” Strickland said. “The process he will lead will help identify strategic investments in our state’s infrastructure and cut through red tape so our communities benefit from the immediate impacts of the stimulus package.”

 The infrastructure czar will be a temporary, part-time position. As czar, Richard will work with the federal government to ensure that the infrastructure component of the stimulus package is structured in a way that offers the greatest investment opportunities for Ohio, and collaborate with state leaders and local communities to prioritize projects based on their potential for sustainable economic growth.  Anticipating a “use it or lose it” approach from the Barack Obama administration, the infrastructure czar will also work to identify any barriers that may inhibit federal funds from being utilized quickly and effectively.

“It is important that we take full advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make major, long-term investments in the future of our state,” Richard said. “As infrastructure czar, I will ensure that we move forward with the stimulus plan in a collaborative, transparent manner.”

Google searches do not find references to any efforts by our state Infrastructure Czar to be collaborative and transparent, since.

How do we as a community put in place at our all-powerful foundations a leadership and strategy that more directly matches the interests and needs of the diverse citizens of our community, and reduces the control the foundations have on our society? As the Washington Post reported, "virtually any U.S. entrepreneur, inventor or research scientist working on ways to analyze data has probably received a phone call from In-Q-Tel or at least been Googled by its staff", so you know Richard and his associates are listening.

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    It's hard to believe that power structures evolve to serve nothing so much as greed, when we all end up the same way.  Norm, thank you for trying to make people see the obvious.  I would hope that the New Yorker would at least make an attempt to pick up this story.

Why have we let this happen?

Cleveland and Cleveland's leadership reminds me of a quote from a german history course I took a long time ago ( I minored in german studies). Some historian referred to early 20th century germany as a democracy without any democrats. I don't know the stats, but I would venture to guess Cleveland has very low voter turn out for local elections and very minimal citizen involvement in all other aspects of government compared to other cities. Why? Is it that we are just to depressed, poor, unhealthy, poorly educated, and frustrated with the way things happen here to bother voicing our opinions or even forming them? Citizen apathy/complacency in early 20th century german led to what was arguably the worst leadership of the 20th century. Things in Cleveland won't change until Clevelanders change.

It is dangerous not question and dangerous not to care.

Questions?  I agree it is

Questions?  I agree it is dangerous not to question.  But, when people question they sometimes get put down for questioning by those who think everyone should look up everything for themselves, or they get lies and misinformation based on who wants to be elected to what.  It is more dangerous not to care, in my opinion. 

If anything, please, please, please, everyone look into the issues and the candidates and please get out to vote.  You have a say in what happens in your community, in your County, in your State, and in your Country.  Don't give up your voice, use it.  Please vote.

Reminder: The deadline to

Reminder: The deadline to register to vote in the November 3, 2009 General Election is October 5th, 2009

Please vote! 

Great point - Get Out And Vote!

The election that decides my mayor is tomorrow - East Clevelanders, get out and vote - everyone, watch the 10PM news.

Our election is more animated than most. May the best man win.

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Germany in the thirties

  Evelyn, you point out the very dangerous parallels.  It is scary.

We weren't asked to "elect" Richard

What is most disturbing about the power of Ronn Richard and his Cleveland Foundation is that they have taken over our government, community, environment, economy, and the souls of most of our "leaders" without any election or even the permission of citizens.

It is like the Nazi's just showed up here one day and said they are in charge.

Since then, we've been cleansing NEO.

Next step is their reform of our County Government... a Cleveland Foundation production.

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pls. Look at What the Cleveland Foundation has/hasn't supported

The first time I heard Ronn Richard mentioned- right after he became President of the Cleveland Foundation -  was in regard to his advocating for wind turbines to be installed on the Port of Cleveland breakwater.   This naïve idea told me that Mr. Richards knew nothing of wind energy.    Then the Cleveland Foundation funded the purchase and installation of the used Vestas turbine placed in the back-draft armpit of the empty Brown’s Stadium – installed not for power production, but as eye candy for the Science Museum, Rock Head Hall pay to view tourist complex.  
Before you assume that the Cleveland Foundation, headed by Ronn Richard, is a bone fide do gooder organization, consider the following with regard to the Cleveland Foundation:
1.            The Cleveland Foundation did not speak out for putting the sales tax increase for the corrupt Tim Haggan Chris Kennedy MED CON on the ballot. Silence
2.            The Cleveland Foundation did not speak out for a living County wage. Silence.             When Jobs with Justice attempted to have the Cuyahoga County Commissioners adopt a “living wage” county wide, Prosecutor Mason , ever vigilant as he has been with pursuing corruption in the county, questioned the proposed living wage ordnances’ legality, effectively trashing the legislation.    The Cleveland Foundation had nothing to say about a County wide living wage.
3.            The Cleveland Foundation provided $25,000 to fund the lobby efforts of the Port Authority to secure a renewed County levy to allow the vapid Port Authority to continue to provide County backed bonds for parking structures and other non-civic purposes.   The Cleveland Foundation, by using philanthropic gift monies, was successful in their lobbying, and now every taxpayer in the County is taxed to support the ongoing ignorant and often conflict of interest ridden activities of the Port Authority.
4.            The Cleveland Foundation – while hypocritically espousing “green” did not speak out against Cleveland/Cleveland Public Power entering into an outrageous 50 year contract for coal fired electricity provided by AMPOHIO.  Silence
5.            The Cleveland Foundation does not speak out on the gambling issue. Please ask yourself, “Why not?”
6.            The Cleveland Foundation leveraged $250,000 seed money to persuade the Cuyahoga County Commissioners to add approximately one million more of public taxpayer money to fund democratic party heavy County Prosecutor Bill Mason and his prosecutorial assistant Steven Dever (along with Cleveland Foundation employee Richard Stuebi, loaned from British Petroleum)  and the mis-named Wind Energy Task Force. The Task Farce has spent more than 3 years “studying” wind on the lake – when there is no construction equipment on the Great Lakes, or capable of entering the Great Lakes, which could build/erect the water based turbines which the “study” concludes are viable.   This study only acted to delay for 5 years land based turbines in NEO and put the false gloss of economic development on Mr. Mason's resume.
Non-profits are precluded under IRS rules from using their lobby funds to promote individual candidates, but the IRS allows non –profits to use funds to support issues.   However, through issue funding (like the hypocritical wind energy task force – the foundation can and does support individuals – like Bill Mason.   Mr. Mason spent many days away from his prosecutor’s job – in Europe and Chicago – while he junketed regarding phony Lake Erie wind – supported in part by the Cleveland Foundation. 
7.            The Cleveland Foundation helped create and fund CPAC which lobbied to pass Issue 18 – the cigarette tax for the arts – in 2006.   This tax directly replaced some of the foundations contributions to the arts, thus in essence supplementing the Foundations annual budget. Double Dipping . Clever. 
My point is that the Cleveland Foundation does not hesitate to use the political lobbying and legislative apparatus to get what they want. 
8.            Cleveland Foundation touted  and helped fund Lev Gonik and One Cleveland, now One Community – but Cleveland and the Community still have no community wifi mesh.
The un-elected Cleveland Foundation is running the show in Cleveland, and Cleveland has perpetually regressed in employment, population, and public school progress for the last half century. 

Accident? Coincidence? Or by design? 

Brainwashing Cleveland government leaders for generations

Here is the worst infiltration by The Cleveland Foundation and their operatives into our innocent citizenry since they started up Bridge Builders and the Richard's Youth...

The Cleveland Foundation and their research and development department, Cleveland State University, are spending our community money teaching Cleveland City Hall workers how to do things the Cleveland Foundation way... to be better bridge builders between Cleveland city money and the suburban rich, I suppose.

From the Cleveland Plan Dealer, just today, just for fans of the Cleveland Foundation and their figurehead Action Jackson... "Cleveland State University and city of Cleveland form partnership to train mid-level city administrators":

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Over the next two years, 60 mid-level administrators with the city of Cleveland will learn how to be more efficient and effective through a new program at Cleveland State University.

The launch of the Cleveland Management Academy was announced this morning by Mayor Frank Jackson, CSU President Ronald Berkman and Ronn Richard, head of the Cleveland Foundation.

The foundation is chipping in $181,500 to start the academy.

Try this, Mayor Jackson - hire worthwhile, skilled people, and fire dead meat, instead...

Why do we support Cleveland State University, if it is used by the Foundations for their own purposes?

Isn't there a tax coming up for Cleveland State we can reject?!?!?

Who picked Ronald Berkman for Presicdent of the taxpayer funded Cleveland State University, at enormous expense? Bet Cleveland Foundation money funded his selection.

Who picked Mayor Jackson for Mayor of taxpayer funded Cleveland? You kind'a know that the Cleveland Fundation funded his selection!

Didn't the CIA operate some schools... like for Bay Of Pigs training?



As Mayor Jackson is quoted saying, about his brainwashing program for City Hall:

At this morning's press conference, Jackson thanked employees for their willingness to be part of the program, noting that by improving their efficiency they can help save the jobs of their fellow city workers.

Jackson said, "This will give you additional tools to further your careers and also do what you do best -- serve the public."

Jackson, we don't want your Foundationized city workers to "help save the jobs of their fellow city workers". Nothing Jackson says ever makes sense, outside the Cleveland-Zone.

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Norm, I didn't realize that

Norm, I didn't realize that the Cleveland Foundation had a part in the County Government Reform.  I am opposed to it myself because I don't see how it would improve anything by changing the whole system.  I think if we just get rid of the corruption the system will work just fine the way it is.  What proof do we have that a reformed county government will be any better than the system we have now?  There is no proof.  It is nothing more than a gamble, we might win, we will probably lose. 

Anyway thanks for the informatiion. 


Ronn Richard is on board of Greater Cleveland Partnership, et al

As Jeff Buster has pointed out, on REALNEO here, Ronn Richard is on the board of Greater Cleveland Partnership. Everything the GCP does is certainly approved and sanctioned, if not funded, by the Cleveland Foundation and their associated foundations.

As reported in a release by the Greater Cleveland Partnership, September 3, 2009, GCP backs reform proposal calling for a single county executive. Business leaders also endorse casino issue...

Cleveland, Ohio—The Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) today announced that it is endorsing November ballot issues that call for the immediate adoption of a home rule charter form of government for Cuyahoga County government and State Issue 3, the Ohio Jobs and Growth Plan that would establish casinos in Cleveland and three other cities. The GCP is supporting passage of a 1.9 mill levy for Cuyahoga Community College.

“The GCP has carefully studied each of these issues and determined that their passage is important for the future of our city, our county and our region,” said Henry L. Meyer III, chairman of the GCP Board of Directors, who is also chairman and CEO of KeyCorp. “We believe that passage of these issues would yield significant dividends for area businesses and residents alike.”

The decision to support all three measures was approved Thursday by the GCP Board of Directors.

Joe Roman, president and CEO of the GCP, said: “The reform plan that would install a single county executive, eliminate other elected county offices and establish a representative county council makes total sense for Cuyahoga County. This proposed new government structure seems much more attuned to the 21st century than the outdated system we have now.

“A more efficient government and a renewed emphasis on economic development will help the business community create jobs for greater Clevelanders and better position the region for growth,” he added.

Roman said the Board’s decision also contemplated the fact that the reform proposal was built upon multiple studies, all of which were uniform in their call for a single elected county executive. The GCP Board also chose to oppose the competing proposal that would create a Charter Review Commission.

The GCP intends to actively advocate on behalf of the adoption of a county charter by encouraging fundraising support from its member companies, educating employees of member companies and building public awareness about the details of the proposal.

The GCP Board, in its endorsement, attached a condition that there be specific efforts to educate Cuyahoga County voters on the benefits of the charter proposal to minority residents and businesses. Discussions with campaign leaders indicate that addressing the issue will be a high priority.

Issue 3 – Ohio Jobs and Growth Plan

The GCP Board similarly announced today that it is supporting passage of State Issue 3, a proposed constitutional amendment that would bring casino gambling to Ohio. With the state poised to install video lottery terminals (slot machines) at Ohio racetracks—including two in Cleveland suburbs—Roman said the Board agreed it made little sense to exclude downtown Cleveland from having a casino.

“The GCP has worked long and hard, alongside many others, to rebuild and revitalize downtown Cleveland as a growth strategy,” Roman said, likening the so-called “racinos” (suburban racetracks with slot machines) to having built Progressive Field located somewhere along I-271.

“This debate is no longer about bringing gaming to Ohio,” Roman continued. “It’s about advancing the proposal with the most economic potential. Adding slot machines to racetracks will not have nearly the level of job creation or capital investment that casinos will.

“Further, to allow gambling 20 miles away, on the outskirts of Cleveland—without a downtown option—is misguided and a threat to the core city, which is the heart of the entire region,” he added.

Issue 3 has tremendous upside for the community, including creating several thousand local jobs, creating in excess of $400 million in capital investment and several thousand construction jobs, and millions in revenues for the local community.

Roman cited projections from Issue 3 supporters estimating that a Cleveland casino would generate $71 million annually in tax revenues for Cleveland, Cuyahoga County and Cleveland schools.

So the Cleveland Foundation convinced voters to tax smokers to pay for the Orchestra and other arts and culture, which the Foundations traditionally have supported, so they may focus their money and attention bringing casino gambling to Cleveland, to benefit Dan Gilbert, who is affiliated with the Cleveland Foundation through the somehow interelated Cleveland Clinic Foundation - Directors listed by the Cleveland Foundation here, and below:.

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation Officers

A. Malachi Mixon, III - Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Delos M. Cosgrove, M.D. - Chief Executive Officer and President

Chairman, Board of Governors

Stephen R. Hardis - Vice President

Joseph F. Hahn, M.D.- Chief of Staff; Vice Chairman, Board of Governors

David Strand - Chief Operating Officer and Chief Emerging Business Officer

Steven C. Glass - Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer

David W. Rowan - Chief Legal Officer; Chief Governance Officer; Secretary

Michael Harrington - Chief Accounting Officer and Controller

Michael J. Meehan - Assistant Secretary

Linda McHugh - Assistant Secretary

Paul E. DiCorleto, Ph.D. - Chairman of the Research Institute

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation Board Of Trustees

Lord Michael Ashcroft - The Lord Ashcroft KCMG

Patrick V. Auletta - KeyBank, N.A.

William W. Baker - Winfield & Associates, Inc.

Edward F. Bell - The Ohio Bell Telephone Company

James M. Biggar - Glencairn Corporation

Edward B. Brandon - National City Corporation

Stephen Brogen - Jones Day

Stephen R. Brown - c/o Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Flora M. Cafaro - The Cafaro Company

F. Joseph Callahan - c/o Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Jeffrey A. Cole - Cole Limited, Inc.

Thomas A. Commes - c/o Cleveland Clinic Foundation

William E. Conway - Fairmount Minerals, Ltd.

Delos M. Cosgrove, M.D. - Cleveland Clinic Foundation

William R. Cosgrove - Swagelok Company

E. M. de Windt - Eaton Corporation

Umberto P. Fedeli - The Fedeli Group

Nancy F. Fisher - c/o Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Shirley Foote - c/o Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Daniel Gilbert - Quicken Loans 

Larry P. Goldberg - Goldberg Companies, Inc.

Joseph T. Gorman - Moxahela Enterprises

William R. Gorton - c/o Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Jeanette Grasselli Brown - c/o Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Joseph F. Hahn, M.D. - c/o Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Stephen R. Hardis - Eaton Corporation

David J. Hessler, Esq. - Wegman, Hessler & Vanderburg

Michael J. Horvitz - Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue

Carole Hoover - Hoover Milstein 

Jerry V. Jarrett - c/o Cleveland Clinic Foundation

E. Bradley Jones - Republic Steel Corporation

Robert D. Kain - The Cleveland Browns

John W. Kemper, Sr. - Avalon Precision Casting Co.

Norma Lerner - Five Star Aviation

Robert L. Lintz - c/o Cleveland Clinic Foundation

William E. MacDonald - c/o Cleveland Clinic Foundation

William E. MacDonald III - c/o Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Patrick F. McCartan, Esq. - Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue

Samuel H. Miller - Forest City Enterprises, Inc.

Sydell L. Miller - c/o Cleveland Clinic Foundation

A. Malachi Mixon, III - Invacare Corporation

Beth E. Mooney - KeyCorp

Dan T. Moore, III - The Dan T. Moore Company

David T. Morgenthaler - Morgenthaler Ventures

Mario Morino - Morino Ventures LLC

Bert W. Moyar - MEI Hotels Inc.

William C. Mulligan - Primus Venture Partners

Frederick R. Nance - Squire, Sanders & Dempsey, LLP

John R. Nottingham - Nottingham Spirk

Raymond P. Park - Park Corporation

Roseann Park - c/o Cleveland Clinic Foundation

William J. Reidy - c/o Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Harry T. Rein - Foundation Medical Partners

Robert E. Rich, Jr. - Rich Products Corporation

Joseph B. Richey, II - Invacare Corporation

Charles A. Rini, Sr. - Rini Realty Company

Paul G. Rogers - Hogan & Hartson

Ronald J. Ross, M.D. - c/o Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Hassib J. Sabbagh - Consolidated Contractors

Bill R. Sanford - SYMARK, LLC

Joseph M. Scaminace - OM Group, Inc.

Ralph E. Schey - c/o Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Samuel K. Scovil - Cleveland Cliffs Inc.

John Sherwin, Jr. - Mid Continent Ventures, Inc.

Jack C. Shewmaker - J Com, Inc.

John W. Spirk - Nottingham Spirk

James P. Storer - c/o Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Thomas C. Sullivan, Sr. - RPM, Inc.

Mousab Tabbaa, M.D. - Lakewood Hospital

Brian J. Taussig - Classic Direct, Inc.

Robert J. Tomsich - NESCO, Inc.

Thomas V. H. Vail - The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Tom Wamberg - Clark Consulting

Robert Warren, Jr. - c/o Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Morry Weiss - American Greetings Corporation

Alton W. Whitehouse - Standard Oil Company (Ohio)

Loyal W. Wilson - Primus Venture Partners

Ivan J. Winfield - c/o Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Harry A. Zill, Jr. - c/o Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Professional Staff Trustees from the Board of Governors

Brian Bolwell, M.D. - Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Richard Lang, M.D. - Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Conrad Simpfendorfer, M. D. - Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Amrin Schubert, M. D. - Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Declan Walsh, M. D. - Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Robert Wyllie, M.D. - Cleveland Clinic Foundation


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It’s all about the advancement of networking…I personally do not want the money they hold.

I also do not care if I am being monitored, in fact being on the internet is in part seeking attention.

The high level networks are about who you know and how well connected you are and its all about money at that level.

Isn’t that what was called for on this site, a repository of data, the citizens dashboard? What is I Q Tel doing? It is taking the fields you propagate and into a form that can be queried. It’s not that valuable if it is off Face Book, we all know what is on Face Book it pretty weak data and often embellished if not straight-out fabrications.

For security purposes a bot could scan it, seeking things that are malicious and then monitoring those, we really do not want people using the internet for bad things. That’s about free text searches and email scans, its about communications. They may not even being doing it, just saying they are make it less likely people will use the net to carry out evil deeds.

Advocacy even if it become misguided is not conspiring to commit, people know that. Going to far and not having something in your head that says hey this is too far…like the young man and the postal worker. Walking to the edge of the cliff and then deciding jumping is not the answer. Teasing the dog can get you bit, but usually the dog offers you a warning, then intelligent mature adults know that dogs bite and proceed accordingly.

Posting personal information on the internet is not private, using who you are against you…that is really a product of who you are. Not putting your self in harms way and then not setting up others too willing to bring them selves into harms way. Deciding in a heat to bring it and then realizing later it got served back to you in way you did not expect or anticipate.

Private is the 10 minutes you spend on the toilet, what you do alone in your home behind a closed door. The rest is all about drama and attention, even the wall flower is up to something.

These people are a network, they do it for that. It is all about self promotion and to get deeper and bigger into the network of power and control. Specifically they have an endowment that is invested and they also have benefactors that feed it, for loopholes and also for some sort of narcissistic penance. A win win for them but they are not raised to think they are better…oh no they are raised to know they are better.

Often they will not allow there names to be used, sometimes there names get plastered on buildings. Then you also have the token naming those that made it to the stage and often nothing about them is remarkable other than they made it to the stage. Oh my nobody like this has ever made it to the public stage…lets name a bridge after them.

I Q Tell is selling marketing data I bet and letting the CIA browse it….I could care less.

I want all my information in a form that can be queried, I want it to be accurate and used to develop systems that are intelligent in design. Good god if they are using web activity and face book accounts to derive the processes we are literally fucked.

Sir we have come to the conclusion that the country is propagated with primarily narcissists, then also a growing representation of anarchists, which sometimes commingle….its basically a toxic brew.

containing systemic risk ?


 Sandra Pianalto…

Ok how great is it to have that job…what is the compensation? Then there is obviously no way you can screw it up can you…its a bulletproof position.

Ms. Pianalto is active in the Fourth District's civic community. She serves on the boards of directors of many community organizations, including

The Cleveland Foundation, the Greater Cleveland Partnership, University Hospitals Health System, United Way Services of Cleveland, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, the Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education, the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland Foundation, and the Ohio Business Alliance for Higher Education and the Economy.

Well connected to say the least…but consider the job description and then consider what has happened. These people cannot fall….through a literal collapse…this one fly’s undetected.


Conducting the nation's monetary policy by influencing the monetary and credit conditions in the economy in pursuit of maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term interest rates. Supervising and regulating banking institutions to ensure the safety and soundness of the nation's banking and financial system and to protect the credit rights of consumers. Maintaining the stability of the financial system and containing systemic risk that may arise in financial markets. Providing financial services to depository institutions, the U.S. government, and foreign official institutions, including playing a major role in operating the nation's payments system.

Eternity, to finally answer your question about ADA vs. real NEO

Eternity, on several occassions you have praised the Atlanta Development Authority and asked if we have something like that here.

From what I see of ADA, just from your references and their website, compared to what I know we have here, no, we do not have anything effectively comparable.

Our planning, from the most local to the most regional, has been completely corrupted by the old money industrial interests and their foundations here - the people who killed this region still have complete control of its future and have not given up any of that control to any other authorities - they have in fact consolidated their control so throughly I view development here as a monopoly requiring anti-trust investigation.

The top of this control structure is The Cleveland Foundation, which seems to rule the region with an iron fist. That, I describe in this posting.

I am interested to come to Atlanta to grow my initiatives, to compare real world NEO development in Atlanta vs. Cleveland. Then, I will really be able to compare ADA to what we have here - I'll be reaching out on this shortly!

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Who hates REALNEO?

I was just checking up on the great and powerful America Speaks

No doubt about that! I was just checking up on the great and powerful America Speaks, that brought NEO citizens a community presence and salvation thwough the multimilliondollar Voices and Choices gift we received from our foundatiuons - I had assumed they had gone bankrupt by now. Instead, they've dupped more sponsors to waste more money on more closed network building elsewhere... beware.... that viral growth seems to be like a cancer.

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Ignore or hate RealNEO?

Do these people at hate RealNEO? Or do they simply ignore it?

Hate - and you don't want to hear the details

Hate - and you don't want to hear the details - right now I'm looking in Costa Rica...

Real mess in FFOEF

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Steady traffic from all the Foundations

Since we don't have a governance policy on how we should share stats I'll not give specifics, but we have lots of steady traffic from all the Foundations

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Filtered for service providers containing "foundation"

Here is a demonstration of monthly visits from service providers with the word "foundation" in their name - they represent about 0.24% of total site traffic - certainly many more foundation people and their funders visit realNEO than this, from other networks with names not containing the word "foundation", like from OneCommunity and now OneCleveland...

This chart certainly contains many of the foundations you know and love, and many surprises, like Mayo is in the top 10, and most of our foundation traffic appears to be medical related...

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Speaking of hating realNEO, are our Cimpermans related???

Speaking of hating realNEO... ??? FFOEF staff is listed on the staff page of the Cleveland Foundation, in their 2009 Annual Report (1.78 MB .pdf download here)... Whitehead, Thompson...

I was looking through the Annual Report to see who is donating and what they are funding these days - best year ever for donations... about $117.7 total on the plus side, including other revenues... but a bad year in the markets... composite return of about -26.5% (similar to S&P 500 in 2008) ... net decrease in assets of nearly $1/2billion...

...and I saw another familiar name works there, in PUBLIC RELATIONS of all places - Jennifer Cimperman, Public Relations Officer.

Is this Cimperman connected to Councilman Cimperman?

I know lots of the families on the donor lists but few of the staff, and the ones I know do seem to hate me. Who is related to who.

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