03.03.05 NOTES Telework in the future of NEO

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 03/03/2005 - 08:47.

Ed Morrison opens the session explaining how his research has identified
telework as an important process and lifestyle shift that will have an impact
on our economy here, as it has impact world-wide. He shows several recent
expert based articles showing how the business world, government and academe
have gravitated around aspects of this issue.

Vic Voinovich explains he has been interested in this subject for over a
year and felt a time, but found that teleworking is little discussed here in
the civic space. He has organized a schedule of 5 meetings to explore the
impact and opportunity of telework found in NEO today - this is the first

Laszlo Kozman is next - expert in enterprise effectiveness - makes excellent
on the realities and potentials of telework - all very positive (near 1 Mg PowerPoint slide show - very worth viewing - once downloaded,
you must click on the screen to start and advance the show, at you own
pace). Highlights are that telework has been important to
sophisticated businesses for over 20 years and is essential to quality
workforce attraction and retention, and effectiveness, and business success and
value. Excellent presentation that should be reviewed by anyone interested in
this subject. Concludes with the question, what do we want to do with this

Mark Pinto now takes the lead as facilitator and the group is to break out
into individual ideation and then small workgroup reporting and first stage
is "imagine". What does NEO look like in 2015? See photos of each attendee's vision and facilitation notes, posted to http://neotelework-org.bryght.net.

In whole-group brainstorming, Mark does an excellent job driving people
together to surface key themes and opportunities raised in the smaller group
sessions. Too many brainstorms to fully capture attend the next session.

Highlights - options - attitude and culture - what is teleworking - who are
stakeholders - what is economic impact? Fantastic session with high potential
for creating shared, actionable message and vision for the future.

Ah-ha: need Teleplaces for teleworkers to park and connect - share resources
- at E&Y they had touchdown spots - Jay mentions Club Corps.

What do we want to do with the next meeting? Create real debate - pro vs. con...
e.g. real estate vs telework – threatened stakeholders should be at table – consider
teleworkers isn’t in Microsoft spellcheck… suggests steelworkers… need to
educate t all ends of economy, including – economic value of teleworking –
technological requirements – regional transformation approaches… culture – get people
in influential positions in NEO to hear this… government, industry, and media –
SBC will try to provide technology demo – consider hard sciences… ergonomics,
HP, legal – work at home quality of life issues… socialization… family
relations… explore and explain behavior and cognitive issues – human
interfaces. Over next few weeks, extend the dialogue and focus on next steps
for April

Next formal meeting of the Telework Roundtable is a Tuesday@REI on April 19th. Prior to that, on March 15th, REALNEO will host an orientation focused on how to use virtual community to support the interests expressed by the telework roundtable - this will be held at REI and is free and open to the public.

May is a 3rd meeting - larger group – will videoconference-in world expert Gil Gordon and vision leader
of GSA Wendell Joyce

4th meeting will be even more teleconnected, with
Universities Collaborative and beyond.

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