November 16, 2004 - Amin Varghai, CSU Student Chapter, NEOSA - LIVEWire Forums

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11/16/2004 - 10:30

"LIVEWire Forums," Tuesday, 11-16-04, 11:30AM-1:00PM, Peter
B. Lewis Building, Room 103. REI hosted regional
networking forums to connect students with each other and business.
 Speaker: Amin Varghai, CSU Student Chapter,
Northeast Ohio Software Association (NEOSA) talking about what's up for
students in the technology industry in NEO and what we need to be paying
attention to. Pizza and soda provided. Read more:



Peter B. Lewis Building, Room 103
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Representative of the CSU NEO

Representative of the CSU NEOSA Chapter sharing insight in the interest of getting Case students more involved with NEOSA.

CSU NEOSA explains there is lots of networking going on - mentoring and end up working with companies they meet therethrough. CSU has an executive in residence - recently retired from Lubrizol - brings his connections into the CSU community - Case may want to develop that capability here.

NEOSA has 25 members but 60-75 people show up for meetings - is working with LCC and hep with JCU - want to mix with each other - CIS/MIS umbrella.

He sends his planning info to Betsey - we'll start posting to REALNEO

Also have website, linked to

Purpose - networking with students and profs - and ability to connect with area employers, etc.