Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 10/12/2004 - 15:46.

Most Tuesdays, Case's Weatherhead School of Management's center for Regional Economic Issues - REI - holds free, public, facilitated discussions on a range of issues of interest to Northeast Ohio community and economic development leaders and entrepreneurs.

The sessions are held at the Peter B. Lewis building, at University Circle - the Gehry building - there is available free wifi there (and throughout University Circle.

This book is being generated on site at the Oct. 12, 04 session. In this book, attendees may post comments from and after these sessions - those unable to attend may follow these events at REALNEO. As much as possible, links will be provided to related sites and presentation material, and lists of attendees will be compiled - with the collaboration of REI and attendees.

If you visit this book during a session, which are held from 4-5:30 and listed in the REALNEO calendar, feel free to comment real-time and an on-site attendee will try to ask your question or share your viewpoints.

Link to primary Case/REI site

Link to Case/REI "wiki" site with their schedule

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Angel Network comments

Hello, During the NEOSA Angel Network's active phase we developed parameters for website that may be helpful to review its functionality. The team leader who reported to me on the project is looking through her stuff to find the disk on which all of this is recorded.  It may be a day or three before it is available. Stay tuned.