Leona Helmsley Collins has......"retired" from TAX FRAUD EDEN

Submitted by mabeldog on Sat, 12/15/2018 - 20:13.
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Rob Curry and now Irene Collins.....forced out

So I'm very late with this exciting news about the FORMER Executive Director of the Emerald Development Fraud Network. Irene Collins who lives in ALL WHITE Concord Township "decided" to retire. And turn the page to the new chapter of her career. She's has set up a "consulting" business. At 65 years young it’s never too late to embrace new challenges in the employment arena. No really. It was ALL her idea. She WANTED to leave a position where she was paid over $200,000 for scamming Cuyahoga County out of MILLIONS of dollars in property tax revenue. To "seek new opportunities" in her own business which has yet to be licensed by the Ohio Secretary of State and is very unlikely to generate even a FRACTION of her HUGE salary at EDEN. Is the "consulting business" perhaps a face saving tactic. Why no photos of her farewell party at the fabulously redecorated headquarters PAID FOR with YOUR TAX DOLLARS at 7812 Madison?? Perhaps there WAS no party. No "goodbye" message lovingly posted on their website to her 3000 "clients" or her 155 staff reproduced in living color for all to admire.  Instead a hastily written one page press release was issued and all photos of her have been removed from the EDEN Crime Network website. One might even say it has been Stalinized. The new HGIC who has been at EDEN for literally DECADES doing various odd jobs just COULDN’T be more thrilled. Wearing the world's most....astonishing frock she plastered an embarassingly unedited gushing "Hi I'm the new boss" statement front and center on the EDEN Crime Network web page. AND with an annual budget of over $30 million ALL from HUD has the NERVE to start begging for donations no less! No gratitude to her former boss Irene Collins either. No mention of how much she owes her. No mention of her AT ALL. HMMMMMM. Is Irene Collins being set up to take the fall when the fraudulent property tax exemption on $50 million in real estate is busted WIDE OPEN?

A dead giveaway is Mrs. Collins doesn't list EDEN as one of her interests on her all new Linkedin "self employment" page. It would seem there are some hard feelings.

Irene Collins "retirement" was announced right around the time her HEROIN HOTEL PARTNER Rob Curry "decided" ALL ON HIS OWN to leave Cleveland Housing Crime Partners to be quickly replaced by another WHITE MALE THIS TIME an attorney. Except that Rob Curry is still very much THERE. His long goodbye ends in June 2019, when his 9 month buyout runs out. Rob Curry will likely be setting up a "consulting" business too as it is unlikely he will find that special position at his current exhorbitant salary "working fulltime in the field of community development for the foreseeable future-in the public, private, philanthropic or non profit sector."  Unless his bid to replace Sex Offender in Chief at NHS pans out. Rob Curry's ummm explanation because you can't REALLY call it a goodbye message YET to staff posted on the CHN Crime Partners website contained this phrase which bears little relationship to the truth. "I have decided that now is the right time for CHN to transition to a new Executive Director." The decision to remove Rob Curry who is still clinging to his desk was made by the board. NOT Rob.

FRAUD in Cuy Cty

How much money has been allocated to Cleveland Housing Network and Eden through the Cuyahoga County Council?

Cuyahoga County Council just rubberstamped $7M to the Cuyahoga County Land Bank this year. Federal Health and Human Service dollars are allocated through Cuyahoga County.  It is a big justification for the existence of so many charlatans in the Health and Human Service industry in Northeast Ohio.  Thank you for reporting on this Mabeldog.  There needs to be a greater examination at the spigot - federal dollars misspent in Northeast Ohio.