Real NEO new economy began with tribes: the origins of REALNEO.US

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The origins of REALNEO.US live at where I first organized this revolution, while I was based in Northern California and fighting to help the real NEO economy from afar. Read the manifesto that was the CAUSE for REALNEO.US  below... the very first copy sent to my friend and co-conspirator with REALNEO.US, Louis Carl Edwards, via on December 21, 2003 at 4:19 AM, West Coast time:

Date Sun, December 21, 2003 - 4:19 AM

I've been forming my own tribe - being a socialist, getting rich isn't my objective - revolution.

Name on tribe: normalst

Manifesto below:

Let me tell you a bit about what I’m doing, and why – a few thoughts, while they're developing – strawman…

We’ll start with a lyric… a warning to The Man…from the top of my head…

Some people should die
That’s just unconscious knowledge
‘cause, the bigger you get,
the wider you spread,
you gotta depend on me
now your vision is dead
the more your dream is dead

The Vision:

ICEarth – Information Community Earth - in brief, is dedicated to helping optimize information and community for Earth. This is in response to a need to save Earth from seemingly inevitable annihilation – to protect the children from ignorant forces destroying this barely still beautiful, living planet.

The Man:

These ignorant, destructive forces are the Lude and Luddite leaders of the old economy – the industrialists – the capitalists – the colonialists – the polluters - The Man - the 1%ers who may not see beyond their ivory towers and gilded gates to the melting permafrost, dying oceans and starving billions they make suffer. They hold the world’s wealth and fate tighter in their clutches each day, and more people suffer as a result. They offer no solutions to any global challenges, yet cause all our Earth’s problems. They have colluded their monopolies to control legislators and jurists – transfer burdens to the poor – impact global trade – rewrite history - dictate the newspapers – broadcast their messages on television and radio – program and control the minds of the majority of Americans and anyone on Earth they may contaminate, and virtually destroy.

Today’s Problem:

The Man, being a small %age of the population, has always been susceptible to overthrow when the majority amasses, which the Man avoids through enforced slavery, prisons, mercenary killers and mind control. In our generation, He has had an inexplicable threat to His mind control, that being the Internet – so He is attacking that on every front with such vigor and success it is conceivable He will completely shut down the Internet, as we know it, before the next presidential election. If we allow that to occur, free speech in America will be unheard forevermore, and Earth shall be doomed.

The Man is completing the centuries old master plan to make America His enslaved nation, as our “leaders” (sic) are now attempting to enslave all people of the world in the perpetuation of 100s of years of perpetration – led and financed by the same colonial families who killed the Native Americans – north, central and south - who did and continue to kill so many Africans, who have abused and consistently stolen all the resources of the meek, and who now seek global economic and political domination over all people for the final exploitation of all remaining natural resources, for the benefit of so few.

In their greed, America’s leaders – and those in many other nations - pave a course to disastrous global conditions than are being played out around the world today – being widespread ecological, social, economic and political catastrophe.

The Calling:

We the people of the current and next generations must reject these leaders – convict them – excommunicate them from our community. We must turn off our fucking televisions – stop listening to, reading, eating, drinking and buying anything establishment-tainted, and consciously revolt against their mind, body and soul control. We must get on the internet and form effective global tribes - and we of the next generation leadership must now act with purpose! We must redefine and control the new economy, and overthrow the old.

We of the new economy know how information and knowledge work and how it may best be leveraged for shared peace and social responsibility. While the pigs want us to vote by chads, or in shackles, we may vote on-line by promoting our beliefs and opinions before all, and refusing to participate in their mind and body control anymore. We may embargo. We may relocate. And we may insist on protecting individual rights. We may influence legislation by influencing those who care about public opinion, as we are the people with the opinions – not now much heard – soon to be completely silenced.

We must declare all generations of America’s leaders have failed - from the invading mercenary explorer thieves through the maniacal genocidal colonialists and pioneers, up through our current generation, meddling with the horizon. Openly convict them for failing in their duties to protect this planet and our brothers and sisters for the future, as our sons and daughters will suffer the consequences - and that is unacceptable. We must hold today’s leaders accountable for their cowardice and inactions and publicly terminate them – build a peoples’ court. To do this, we must use the power of the Internet, more proactively and effectively than ever before, while it still remains available and largely free – and we must protect that freedom forever.

The Horse:

ICEarth is dedicated to taking down the Man, who sues and enslaves we the people and corrupts freedom of speech and thought for their 1%er self interests. So ICEarth is a Trojan horse to smuggle troops into the1%er’s compounds, bring them down, and take them out of their self-love-drunken, self-righteous, materialist slumbers and drag them to court.

Our horse is composed of 0s and 1s, hidden in bits and bytes. To get these gazillion digital troops through the gates, we need effective collection, management and open sharing of optimal data, information, technology and knowledge, with the ability to openly communicate and keep communications open throughout the world's populations, and the ability to bridge over The Man’s intentional digital divides, designed to dumb-down the majority, set in place by the establishment we must destroy... and we must do so faster than they may destroy the Internet and our rights to free think and speech and individual freedom. We need to rebel and take control of the Internet. Simple as that.

How we do that is by defining and declaring what we accept and reject in the wired world, and using the wired world to determine what we the people reject and accept for the physical world – defining what is good in the opinion of we the people, rather than accepting what is broadcast by subliminally-seductive, anti-intellectually gratuitous programming that’s turned the American people into Orwellian slaves, through monopoly mind-control that in a decade has driven our “nation” to a crisis state of pork-barrel engorged obesity... to a time when good health is only for the rich, paid for by the poor, and the average life expectancy in developing nations is less than 50% that of the over developed - as the rich waste the world’s scarce resources for medical miracles so they may suck in every last breath they may steal, and keep their limp little dicks a little harder a little longer..

The Messenger:

ICEarth is all about stopping the hypocrisy and pulling together right solutions - best practices - to expose bad practitioners - shame and boycott them - force them to change - and help create free open standards – drive for virtual socialism for the new economy.

The core of our process is to measure end user perceptions and share and communicate conclusions of we the people - clear, precise and methodical - not accepting as ours the opinions of a bunch of lead-dead, programmed, market-sample pigs-to-the-slaughter mass consumers in clear-channel-homogenous- town, US of A, but share and communicate the powerful thoughts and knowledge of the new power generation of wired, smart, caring, socially active economic leaders we all must be - a class that thinks and acts up and sets public opinion for the thoughtless, in retaliation against attacks of the Man who seeks to commercialize us as His byproduct, in his consumerist economy that is the false promise of his bleak society. We the free thinkers have no idea the power and wealth we hold, if we take control of our knowledge.

At the most fundamental level, ICEarth analyzes large numbers of websites in key sectors and determines who's doing things right and who fails… plotting a roadmap for all to succeed with information and technology for all of us. ICEarth has some tools and methods for organizing this knowledge, and activism to distribute that knowledge to drive results. We are focused on specific sectors believed to offer the best opportunities for we the people to be heard by those leaders of the new economy who are not entirely under the thumb of the Man – like artists, musicians, and local politicians.

Why Music!

We all know the power of musicians to impact public opinion – even legislation – and we know musicians, in particular, are concerned about their freedom of speech – as they want to live doing what they love. Musicians have been the only vocal activists in the fight for free speech, and against monopolist tyranny, in our recent times - and they need our help to further their efforts… and guidance to keep them on track. ICEarth analyzes websites of musicians to help them serve us well, so we may support them well and they may succeed with their intellectual property, as we should support all such creators.

Punish the Man and reward individuals. We are the music market and we don’t need to be programmed by suits on Madison Avenue and in LAlaland – this is the front line where the battle to save the Internet will be won or lost, and we’re all losing. We want musicians to succeed, and we may make and break them. We are happy to pay for their music, merchandise, and tickets to their concerts – but we and they don’t want the Man involved, at all. Here, the next generation is well aligned, but we must show our support for the right leaders, and take down the exploiters. Boycott Clear Channel, Ticketmaster, MTV... and the brain-dead minstrel-frauds under their thumbs. Do not buy anything advertised there – any music played there - distribute a list of those products so we all know what to reject. And support the musicians fighting for our rights – doing the right things - promote the hell out of them. Listen to them on Internet Radio and push them on college radio and share their good words. Buy CDs, downloads, merchandise from their sites. Register for their E-Teams. Send them supportive messages. Create chats for them. Go to their concerts and cheer them on. ICEarth’s part is to identify musicians who support our interests, not in their songs and music but in how they use the Internet – and to teach them how we want the internet used, so they may do so better. Punish those who don’t care.

Why Cities!

We know the power of the Man to control elections – look who’s President… he wasn’t elected, but appointed by the Man’s agents. That we let that happen was the biggest mistake of our generational history, so far. Let’s not fuck up again. We must not repeat this stupidity. The next presidential election is already being decided by the Man’s newspapers and talking heads – Bush is in. If we don’t want that, we’d damn well better get our shit together and develop an alternative candidate – and make certain he or she knows who is putting him/her in the White House, and what we the real people expect – freedom, peace and enlightenment. What we may accomplish at the federal level, we may accomplish at home… and that we are failures controlling that is seen in the Governor’s mansion here in California. We must become more active at the state level.

Most important, we must begin influencing and electing the mayors, who have global power and are most responsible for local policy, and so our day to day well being. ICEarth analyzes city Internet Community Effectiveness for that reason – to activate people in local government, and insure cities are responsive. The Internet makes it easy to follow and react to local politics, and let local politicians know what we expect and reject, but we must take charge. We must communicate with our local leaders – ICEarth is focused on making certain those leaders hear our communications – and we must force them to optimize their virtual tools to make citizens as successful in the local political community as possible. Come election time, these leaders become followers, living and breathing for poll results about our opinions, and we may be certain we are heard – and that we follow through by voting, and calling leaders to task for their actions – rewarding them with our support for their successes… taking out those who fail… keeping the scorecards forever.

Why Tribe!

ICEarth is a horse to protect and carry the people entering these battles. We intend for ICEarth, the entity, to be an infomediator for all wired people – expand the new economy value of wired people’s activism, and have people own their identities and the value thereof… the concept for infomediation is described in the publicpower section of the ICEarth website, at:

So ICEarth intends to create optimal value for people’s individual data, opinions, ideas, knowledge, intellectual property and other content and transactions, forever. To do so, ICEarth intend to go public, to the public – dilute down to where each member of the community, all 6+ billion, including the founders, own only their fair share, being the value of their individual community property. We are not in the idea slavery business and want only to make ideas work for the people of Earth, so we may continue to have an Earth. As soon as it is viable, ICEarth shall become entirely of the people of the community – the tribe of its citizens.

The where we met has the ability to help make that reality go from concept to significant being in months, as we may quickly work together, create visibility, have impact, grow value, and begin to rule the world… reclaiming our gardens from tyrannical dictators who seek nothing more than to shackle us to their plows… we must plant seeds that we the people may harvest forever.

We may all share the fruits of such labor. Being the creator of ICEarth, and a socialist, that has always been my intention, and the members of the are invited and encouraged to be leaders in this new economy society. As the tribe is one of the more effective virtual communes I’ve experienced, it has potential to spread ICEarth more rapidly than through disorganized viral growth, growing rapidly and exponentially in the process – assuming tribe. net’s leaders… “owners”… share in the concept of one for all, which must be determined. I’m interested in your opinion on that.

In any case, we are the seeds, to the extent we replant the Earth and make certain there is a future to provide a richer harvest for the children.

Feel free to comment. Next step is for those interested to get together.

Let me know if you’re interested.

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Tribe grew ICEarth into a Drupal-based REALNEO.US

I still love Tribe and stay connected there with folks out West, while I'm here - and I work with some of the people behind Tribe on REALNEO - you'll see the similarities and where the theming of REALNEO is headed - there are other models and they are integrating together. Most important, since Tribe runs for free on their servers, I still have all the content, connections and communications I developed there available years later, and I hope they are around forever, along with REALNEO.