Only at Case, only in NEO?

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Because Tulane admits the need to innovate, connect and transform, they are a hotbed of great ideas on how to leverage their relative community to enhance their physical community, un celebration of their regional community... here, they look to local artists to create visuals celbrating all that is Tulane... this is consistent with the recognition in NOLA of local artists as core to their identity, and local posters as collectables (few NOLA homes don't have at least one Jazz Fest Poster, not to mention for Mardi Gras, designed by local artists... Case (and the CIA) could do as well. I will mention, my parents just bought a limited edition Jazz Bowl produced by CIA students in cooperation with the Schreckengost Foundation, so that is an excellent example of a local institution celebrating the art of a local genius in a major collaboration... congratulations to Victor and CIA on that triumph!


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 Now, how about some collaborations common NEOans may afford.

Photo of admission staff
By Mary Ann Travis

Creativity flourishes in New Orleans, and the people who recruit students to Tulane are seeking to tap into it.

The Office of Undergraduate Admission is sponsoring a poster contest to convey the theme—"Only at Tulane, Only in New Orleans." The competition is open to all local artists, including current or displaced residents and members of the Tulane community.

The creator of the winning image will receive a cash prize of $2,500—and the admission office will then print a limited edition poster to distribute to high school guidance counselors and to alumni who help in recruitment. The deadline for submission of poster concepts is Sept. 1.

"We're looking for something unique to use—a real piece of art," says Rob Alexander, assistant vice president for enrollment management. "There is a small cash prize, but the real prize is the cachet that will come from the creation of a collectible poster." Read more


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shreck and bowl

fantastic photo with schreck and his bowl.  something really really beautiful in that shot.  very harmonius.

are you all in louisiana now? 

regardless, lets bring these great ideas home.  we got the parts.  just need the connections.  
we need the bowl to hold the fruit.