Hundert Resigns

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Thu, 03/16/2006 - 13:15.

the following was sent out in an email this morning to the CASE community ... 


Dear Members of the Case Western Reserve University Community,

       Last night I informed our Board of Trustees that I will step down as President of the University effective September 1, 2006.  I have been tremendously grateful for the Board's support throughout my four years; they are an extraordinary group of people.  There is much I would still like to accomplish for our university, but I have reluctantly concluded that the continuing tension on campus is too distracting to the advancement of our university.  I believe a change in leadership will provide the best opportunity for the many important groups across our community to come together and build on the progress we have made in recent years.  I would like to call on everyone to take this moment to join together to advance Case Western Reserve as one great university.  Go to to continue letter.


From:  Frank N. Linsalata (‘63), Chairman of the Board

To: Our Campus Community

It is with reluctance and sadness that the Board of Trustees of Case Western Reserve University has accepted the resignation of Dr. Edward Hundert.  Since his arrival in 2002, he has helped us elevate our aspirations for the University. His vision has inspired us all to believe that we truly can bring Case Western Reserve University to the level of excellence of top research universities in the country. Even though Dr. Hundert will leave the presidency, the Board is still committed to achieving that goal. Go to to continue letter.

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I'm saddened to see this about Case

I was hoping Hundert would ride through this. Watching from the outside, especially being involved in economic development, I was impressed by the intellectual pursuits of Case under Hundert, but there was not good communication and engagement with the community - and the meltdown of REI was tragic.


I think it was smart of the CWRU Board to bring in an innovative "outsider" but too much core enterprise planning went outside - Hundert needed insiders to balance his approach of attack, which was at the academic peak. He needed locals to say no, don't consolidate the schools... that will reduce alumni support... I can't see blaming Hundert for all of that, so I wonder if the right person resigned, and if there are others who must be assessed for their performance. I have no idea... who does? Was the problem Hundert... is the "President" to blame?


I certainly hope Turner stays, as his area of interest is like mine. But other wise I expect there will now be significant change with Case - CWRU - and that will be good for NEO.


Community leaders seem to see the Hundert resignation as an opportunity for bold new leadership to build a stronger community asset upon an intellectual foundation now stronger than ever (in most fields of study). Now we'll see if the Case board understand the meaning and importance of community, in the NEO sense of the word. Here's wishing them the best