Australian Flexible Learning Community

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The Australian Flexible Learning Community
is a place for vocational education and training practitioners to
collaborate and learn about the applications of technology for quality
teaching and learning.


This month's Opinion Piece

December 2004: Achievements and reflections
Jim Davidson

the start of the new millennium, the Australian Government and all
States and Territories joined forces to achieve a shared vision of a
skilled Australian workforce through the Australian Flexible Learning

With its strong focus on flexible learning – including
e-learning – Australia has become a world leader in vocational
education and training in the new knowledge economy.

A key
success factor is the national pooling of resources, which has
significantly increased the value of Australia’s investment in flexible

Australia is now witnessing powerful collaborative ICT problem-solving networks across State and Territory borders.

This provides us with the people, products and resources to develop
and deliver technology-supported flexible learning anywhere, anytime.

More than 1.7 million people access training to improve their life,
work and skills. Australia’s training system is aligned with industry
needs to create business deliverables.

The Australian Flexible Learning Framework has been a catalyst in
the national uptake of flexible learning, including e-learning. This
investment has resulted in substantial benefits.

More than 20,000 teachers and trainers have been funded and supported to increase their e-learning skills.

Approximately 500 e-learning products and 18,000 resources have been
developed and are being used by Australian teachers, trainers and

The Framework’s most popular product range, Flexible Learning
Toolboxes, deliver over 100 vocational training qualifications and are
being used by more than three-quarters of Australia’s public training

Industry benefits from training that is relevant, tailored and
‘just-in-time’. Employees gain skills in the workplace, on the factory
floor and out on the road, through a range of technologies. Working and
learning merge, giving businesses training that has greater value.

From 2005 Australia will build on its investment in flexible
learning by fully embedding e-learning as a long-term feature of
vocational education and training.

We will link with international knowledge networks and share our
e-learning achievements, innovations, products and capabilities.

We will strengthen our emphasis on creating systems to make
e-learning products more accessible within Australia and

We will support our communities and industries and develop new ways to meet the learning styles of our Indigenous people.

Our vision is to provide all Australians living and working in the
global knowledge economy with flexible, technology-supported access to
the vocational skills they need now and in the future.

Jim Davidson is the Chair of the national Flexible Learning Advisory Group
(FLAG) who provide strategic direction and support to the Australian
Flexible Learning Framework. Jim is also the Director of the Victorian
Office of Training & Tertiary Education and Deputy Secretary of the
Victorian Department of Education and Training.


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