Will you and your immediate family be able to take a vacation this year to spend good quality time together?

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My father was not the perfect dad, but he tried.  I have countless memories of amazing vacations--most taken here in Ohio, exploring historical sites. 

So, I am making a concerted effort to get out this summer and appreciate all the wonders of Ohio and Lake Erie.  I picked up an Ohio travel planner at the Sausage Shoppe* :)  But, you can also find useful ideas for trip planning here:


Thank you, Dianna, for grounding the discussion here on the importance of finding happiness in our daily lives.


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"Sunday Drives" aka a "FAMILY VACATION"

Due to the fact that my father's vehicle was "deadlined" 2 Friday's ago....I had to go to Southern Ohio and pick him up last Thursday so that he could be here for an early Friday morning doctor appointment.... On the way up here to Cleveland, while driving North on State Route 21, my dad cited almost every memorable location and its significance to him... Most specifically, he noted a road called "BUTTERBRIDGE ROAD" where he said that, "BEFORE I DIE, I WANT FOR ME AND YOU TO TURN DOWN THAT ROAD AND GO TO THIS PLACE THAT YOUR MOM ONCE TOOK ME TO IN ORDER TO BUY SOME FISH." 

I asked whether it was a restaurant or fish market and he couldn't remember. Then, on Friday when I was taking him Southbound to return home... I saw the road sign for that same road and he remarked about the same story.... I decided to "seize the moment" and turn Eastbound on the road. We drove down a windy road for miles, looking everywhere for this "place" that he and my mom had visited while she was still alive... and after awhile; it seemed as though the place was no longer around.

By this point, dad was frustrated and wanted to head back towards his home. So, I did a turn around and we headed back. I ended up going the wrong way on one of the "Y's" in the road and landing in the middle of the cute town of "CANAL FULTON" (SR 93.) I recall passing that place, SKIPCO Auctions. By this point, I had to stop and ask for new directions to get us back on track, so I pulled into a gas station and asked a gentleman who was pumping his gas. He smiled politely and began outlining this twisty, turning, curvy list of directions. I looked at him with a complete sense of loss and he took a deep breath and said, "You know what, I am going right pass where you all need to go; why don't you just follow me?" I was so happy at that moment and could breath deep by that point with relief...

Meanwhile, dad had went inside to use the bathroom and hadn't came out... His spirited self was inside flirting with the nice lady working behind the counter. God Bless his tenacity to find a good woman since the unexpected loss of my mom five years ago. It was kind of sweet to have to pull him away from his moment of bliss chatting with that lady.

Within minutes we were back on the road to his home. While that few minutes of distraction was frustrating; it was moreover priceless. Within a half hour more down the road, dad was pointing out an "AIRPLANE" that sat way out in the field near "Beach City" Ohio (I think that was the name of it.) So, we pulled over and I took a few photos of my daughter by the C-147 and jumped back in the car and headed to dad's home.

While those moments were rushed, hasty, and unplanned...they will also be treasured memories forever....Maybe next time we'll find that location that dad wanted to share with us in the first place.... If God's willing and the creek don't rise before then!

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Time to....

Fly Away....


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Quality Time vs Vacations

Life is full of "MOMENTS".... I hope that despite possibly not having the ways or means to have a "formal" family vacation that everyone finds a way to "MAKE THE MOMENTS COUNT"....

Capture the times when children are smiling and laughing from the bottom of their hearts or building castles in the sand...

Capture the moment to tell your family how important that they are to you.

Dance in the rain on a summer night.

Watch the sunset...

Hug a friend.

Call an old friend and say hey! 

Forgive someone.

Enjoy a passion in your world.


Live, Laugh, Love...

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

I like the country drive vacations myself

Just driving around going to yard sales, sight seeing, etc.  With gas prices so high, there will probably be less of those 'vacations' too.  :)

Family reunions during Funerals equate to 'vacations' for many..

It's sad when the only chance you have to see and visit family is under the duress of a funeral... That was the story for many years with our family growing up...

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Virtual Vacations

Spam alert--again.

This site is worth a visit:


Some great photos--it almost makes me want to stay in OHIO.