NEGATIVELY CLEVELAND....Decay in Cleveland alongside Improvements

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NEGATIVELY CLEVELAND..... Cleveland's Cudell neighborhood gets California fruit trees to plant on 87th & Detroit while uncaring people illegally dump their trash in the middle of the street on West 112th off Madison. Imagine how the ugly must keep getting cleaned up to progress forward.... Exhausting to deal with it...but now we see why the deaf ears and blind eyes of disgusted citizens become irreverant to participating...


Progress comes at a cost......

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Illegal Dumping in Cleveland frustrates Proactive Citizens

Train Avenue has been bombarded for years with illegal dumping.... tires and more tires....wonder who's dumping those tires???? Ward 14 should put a reward into effect to sue the illegal dumpers!!! 

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

The tire manufactures are dumping the tires...

 Because the tire corporations and the gov. regulators have not fashioned a responsible recovery program for the millions and millions of tires which EVERYONE KNOWS will wear out and have to be disposed.  

The end user is not the culprit...

Train Ave. is my little personal refuge

 I love the growth, the old buildings with tall chimneys, and most of all, the wide variety of wildlife. I like that people tried to reclaim it by painting bridge supports, and while those became graffiti, the graffiti worked, It was clean for a few years because the dumping was cleared on a regular basis,

It was upsetting when the railroad cleared trees and bramble. Rabbits lived in the bramble, and birds n the tree, an of interesting vartities. Is nice that it is becoming overgrown again. The taller  fence make it more difficult to climb to trespass, but a two-step stool helps. The police are really nice when they catch you and realize that you are armed only with binoculars.

More eyes on this beautiful street could help

Sounds like a good place to set up CCTV Web Cam. Both human spectrum and infrared. Have sensors pick up the sound of comotion, activating the video recording. The image could be broadcast onto a large screen in a public place so all can see along with the police.

Awesome Idea, Lee....

I bet that the councilman would support something "GREEN" like this..


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"