Photos of "Storm The Palace" from Black-Tie Cleveland

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 11/03/2005 - 12:45.


The Palace Theater offers a remarkable venue for hosting any black-tie affair, or a grass roots "cafe" like the "Storm the Palace" event. Right before our Nov. 1 world cafe with Rebecca Ryan, we were contacted by Nancy Harper Schreiner asking if she could photograph our event for "Black-Tie Cleveland", which she explained promotes the activities of area non-profits via a web portal. We were thrilled to have the extra documentation and exposure, which is now posted at visit that site to see 25 great photos of the event, which Black Tie described as follows:

Storming the Place and act up at Playhouse Square. This event (and October 31, 2005 event) featured REALNEO*** and Rebecca Ryan**. This event was an opportunity for individuals to network in person with folks from all walks of life and discuss opportunities for transformational change and sustainable economic development for NEO-the Northeast Ohio region. About 80 people, students, professors, community leaders, and interested, diverse individuals gathered at the Palace Theater. Mayor Jane Campbell stopped by for this stimulating evening for meaningful dialogue around community service to enhance economic development and quality of life in our community. The discussions and networking launched at these event(s) are a starting point of a fantastic process to build a new social network in this region, taking ideas and individual initiative beyond talk to communiity building and action. Also unique to this intitiative, REALNEO views economic development as pursuit of sustainability through positive change in multiple spheres of influentce, rather than focusing on one area of impact alone. The vision is to facilitate and foster interconnectedness and information sharing between individuals, organizations and spheres of interest to drive winning outcomes toward community building and development. The discussions are structured around a vision for sustainable economic development with six key thematic areas: Arts and Culture, Health, Economy, Education, Environment, Technology


Thanks again to Nancy for covering this no-tie occassion. If you are planning a non-profit event, it would be worth letting her know - nancy [at] blacktie-cleveland [dot] com">nancy [at] blacktie-cleveland [dot] com... a few more of her photos below:


















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