Funding For Public Education

Submitted by More Better on Tue, 11/08/2005 - 10:44.
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Educational Funding

I have many thoughts on the educational funding situation for NEO.  There is clearly a disconnect between our region and Columbus, where critical legislation which allocates state funding is debated and passed. Our region's leaders need to maintain vigilant connectivity with the State to remain acutely aware of opportunities to request funding and build critical relationships with funding decision makers in the state capital.  The region's voice might be better heard if regional leaders could agree to collaborate and create a leadership consortium for the region that clearly coordinates and communicates funding needs.  I would like to hear from folks who understand the funding process and what makes it effective - understanding and mapping of the process and sharing this so it is clearly understood by our region's people and leaders would be prudent.


Some other topic areas for discussion include: 


1. which educational sectors to fund and how

2. assuring that assigned funding is spent effectively

3. coordinating with activities of nonprofits to support funding models.


Let's work together to envision and implement effective action plans so we can ramp up funding dramatically.