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I liked the photos of the buses better than the 'death valley'.  I noticed that the buses were facing forward in one photo and in another photo the back view was shown.  I miss the buses...

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ward14Res busses in two directions

Yes, I went back a few times to confirm that the busses on Payne did a lot of idling and waiting...that what I saw on Columbus day wasn't a fluke. 

Scheduling the appropriate number of busses for a route may have its difficulties, but the goal is no idling time.  Hopefully the GCRTA is working to refine/optimize their scheduling constantly.  

best, jeffb

Thanks JeffB.  I enjoy the

Thanks JeffB.  I enjoy the photos...such good photography.  One picture is worth a thousand words. 

I can't see

With the young woman that holds the sign "my dollar, my doctors, my decision" I tried to imagine a similar sign that says "my body, my doctors, my decision".  I bet that the dollar has more importance,

nice call!