We are PEOPLE, not Mascots!

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Join the American Indian community, our supporters, and the
Cleveland American Indian Movement
in the on-going fight against racism in Cleveland.

Opening Day Silent Demonstration
April 1st 2011 — 1:00PM
“Progressive” Field, Cleveland
E. 9th Street Gate C
100 ft. North of the Bob Feller Statue on the Grass Area

Our struggle for basic Dignity and Human Rights in Cleveland has
been on-going since 1972, when we filed a lawsuit on behalf of
American Indians against Cleveland Baseball for libel and slander
from its team name and logo. Since 1973, Cleveland A.I.M. has
repeatedly objected to degrading, racist depictions of Native people
by Cleveland Baseball by demonstrating at every Opening Day.
This year we hope you will join us!

Together we will send the message that racism has no place in our city.

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Indian Friends...Global Friends...

I can remember a friend of my parents being noted as "INDIAN so and so" throughout life. As a teen, I had two indian friends and one was "Indian so and so" and the other was "TONTO"..... Don't guess any of us kids ever thought twice about calling our friends these "nick names"...

Yet, I can also remember that typical "reference" for "Puerto Rican friends", "Black Friends", "Irish Friends", "Pollock friends" "Italian Friends" etc....."Arab Friends"...etc.

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Some people enjoy feeling

Some people enjoy feeling resentful.

They take "umbrage" easily.  Their finely tuned sensibilities can sniff out insult from Independence Rd. on a day wtih prevailing winds from the flats. 

Some people laugh it off.  The Irish and Hillbillies for the most part.  Most white men.   Blondes get a kick out of blonde jokes.  Lots of Jews can enjoy a joke at their expense.  There are Catholic jokes.  But few Protestant jokes....and be VERY careful about "Mo" jokes--witness the cartoonist from Seattle still in hiding, or the death threats to the South Park folks!  It seems that Republicans laugh more quickly at themselves than Dems and liberals.  Feminists don't seem to see much funny about themselves.  Gays are a mixed bag.   Sex (sorry, "gender") doesn't seem to matter too much.   But, don't try to tell me that women find themselves as easy to laugh at as men do.  Older folks are more self-deprecating than youth.  And, times have changed too.  I mean, I don't recall Marvin Gaye fans shooting it out with Al Green fans over some perceived insult to their idol, like today's rappers.  What's that about, losers?  What makes one group acutely sensitive to such matters and another barely notice?  Hard to say.  And, it changes from individual to individual within a group. 

However there is an "outrage community" that has a vested interest in finding insult, intolerance, harassment, discrimination, etc. in mostly harmless communication.  One vested interest is to shut down people they disagree with.  Personally, I think ridicule, parody and satire are perfectly legitimate forms of expression.  "Playing nice" is overrated and doesn't always help discourse and relations.


I think most do not even give it a second thought

because it does not affect their world. 

And yes, I think all Angel have had buddies called like. 

While these protests might one day make a difference, IMO if they have not by now, the numbers haven't been big enough.

Peace, Betty



The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?