ODOT meeting for Ward 14 residents along I-71 corridor

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This is to confirm next week’s meeting.  Note the bump from Wednesday to Thursday due to a scheduling conflict at the Applewood Center’s Jones Home.


Flyers will be going out beginning this evening.  Any community members willing to assist in flyering should email reply to this message or call me on my cell phone at 216-333-5453.


Please cut and paste the meeting notice and distribute as appropriate.


Thank you.





I-71 Pearl/W. 25th Street & Fulton Noise Mitigation Project


When: 6:30 pm,THURSDAY, JULY 1st

Where: Basement meeting room at the historic Jones Home (Applewood Center) building - entrance is off the main parking lot in the back of the building that fronts W. 25th Street.  An elevator is provided.

Who:  ODOT and Great Lakes Construction


Tentative agenda:

1.      Overview of Project

a.       Planning and decision process

b.      Final review and modifications to plans

c.       Construction schedule

2.      Discussion on potential enhancement funding for additional landscape and tree plantings

3.      Q&A for general issues and for properties directly impacted by construction


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Question?? Why does Brooklyn Centre get walls?

As you know we were equally concerned about this
> in Tremont, and repeatedly, but successfully fought ODOT's attempts to
> concretize the community. We also think that walling us off means the motorists
> will never know or see the neighborhood just off the freeway.
> ODOT engaged Councilpeople throughout the trench, which was why we had many
> public meetings and were clear with our almost unanimous community desire to
> not have walls.
> Let me know if I can help.
> Joe Cimperman


Thank you Councilman Cimperman.  How can you help?  Please talk to Ward 14 Councilman Brian Cummins and let him know how you were able to get ODOT to accept a better solution to mitigate noise pollution, air pollution and heat impacts of I-71.   The solution seems simple to me.  Walls are not the answer.


ODOT Mess...


News via Councilman Cummins:
ODOT plans to install even MORE walls in Ward 14 along I-90. %*^(&!

Hell, we're so easy right?!  I rode by on my bike today and that stretch of highway is now nicely grown in with trees, so here's what we have to look forward to in Ward 14 along I-71 and I-90. 

Photos taken in 2009 of barrier walls along I-71 near the airport.  Photo credit: David Wolfe.

ODOT contract for Ward 14 walls

GREEN Promises, Promises, Promises

Meanwhile, Councilman Cummins--please explain--since you served on the Innerbelt Committee--why you DID NOT fight for the lowered access roads and alternative GREEN solutions to walls on I-71??

How do walls heal the scars that mar a community divided by an interstate highway built in the late 1960s??? 

How many trees will be cut down to put in heat sink walls that will erode and fall apart??


Tonight, ODOT assured residents that the walls to be put up "won't" fail like all the other walls we see around Cuyahoga County...but there are no assurances or guarantees...I was also curious to hear the ODOT presenter mention that Michigan has suspended their Type II Noise Abatement program--why? 

There was also mention of the environmental impact statement completed for this project.  I asked for a fact sheet outlining the entire scope of the project.  I would like to see the names of all contractors involved and the amount of liner feet of wall installed at what total cost to the taxpayer including the tree removal and site preparation.  Knowing the soil profile for Brooklyn Centre--I would also like to see how this corridor will support the weight of 14' walls, especially given the base requirements discussed last night.


Also at the 7/1 meeting, after an obviously faulty public process--Councilman Cummins, you met afterwards with a small group and you are now promising some of the angry residents yesterday that you are going to "undo" the decision made to not install walls from 39th St. to Fulton Ave. 

How is it that this decision can be so simply "undone" after your survey was admitted as the public process for the environmental impact statement?

It was announced last night that wall installation has already met federal requirements and will be completed by October 2010.  I-90 walls also proposed for Ward 14 section of I-90 are projected for installation in 2012...after the "public process."