Where's Waldo? Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 could be very destructive - any Government concerned?

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 03/14/2014 - 17:53.

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When snow snarled Atlanta, Ga. a month ago it was perfectly apparent to anyone that our auto based "transportation system" is pathetic.   PATHETIC!  

Yet, "freeways" continue to add lanes around the world. we choke on smog, and continue to produce 5.7 liter 87 octane gasoline engines for passenger vehicles.  

No one is minding the store in our legislatures - state or federal OR GLOBALLY.   And for that matter, Corporations have got the globe brainwashed with advertizing (and stock exchanges - which have no way to recognize common sense, rationale behavior, or Darwinism).

After 911 - and 20 plus idealistic/suicidal folks flying commandeered aircraft as bombs (with passengers) -  you would think that air line tickets would be scanned for wanna-be passengers traveling on false and stolen passports.  No?  


Interpol says they have records of over 39 million stolen passports - BUT - airlines don't cross check passenger manifests with the Interpol stolen passport list.   Bright.  

Google, et al, could cross check 39 million names in about half a millisecond.    But, we don't do it at the airline ticket counter.  

Smart.   Our government is giving us our tax money's worth!


For the last week we have been doing the Easter Egg hunt, the Where's Waldo hunt, for a Boeing 777.   Turns out that the transponder on aircraft can be turned off by personell on the aircraft - making the flight incognito except to ground radar.

What's with that?   What conceivable reason/need is there for a transponder to be turned off in flight?  

But, Rolls Royce makes its own transponders to upload engine operational data to satelites.  Fortunately.  

So all the Homeland Security crap, all the goverment employees with their pensions, and all the international security types have blown it.   Salaried incompetence.  Or worse.

Now besides Rolls Royce, I bet there are other satelite records of where flight MH370 went.   Covert stuff.   Can't tell us they know because then we would know they have the capacity to track this stuff.  Covert.  CIA, NSA, Israeli, Soviet, Chinese, who knows.

BUT - MH370 still is AWOL and could be being prepared as a weapon against a target somewhere on the globe.  

Did MH370 land in Pakistan?    or N. K?   Pakistan has nuclear weapons and maveric folks. 

Is a nuke already on board?

Where's flight MH370 headed next?

I'm sure our government security folks know.  

BTW - should the legislature ban gay marriage? How many months before a vaginal ultrasound is legislated for abortion approval?   How many rounds in a clip is constitutional for hunting in urban areas?   If you are texting how fast should the speed limit be?  What legislation can effectively stop UpSkirting?


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Stop all incoming flights to North America for inspection.

 If I were President Obama, Commander in Chief, I would issue an immediate order that no incoming aircraft are allowed into North American air space without prior physical inspection and approval. 

Loose Nukes?

Until Flight #370 is found, it is a reasonable assumption that the plane was taken to be used as a weapon delivery vehicle.  

All flights desiring to enter North America should be forced to land for inspection at a remote airstrip in Newfoundland, Iceland, one of the Hawaii Islands, Northern Maine, Puerto Rico - where ever - but not allowed into continental North America until physically inspected. 

Any aircraft attempting to enter N.A. airspace without inspection should be stopped - shot down if necessary. 

Too extreme?

better than too little too late and a nuclear bombing run down the East Coast through Boston, NYC, Philly, DC and Atlanta.  (Cleveland is safe, which is sorta sad.)

Absolutely doable with a 777.