Where's the fire exit? from our failed "government" - doesn't the lottery pot size tell us the fire/failure is heating up?

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 05/18/2013 - 19:30.

You've got to stay ahead - get out in front of - this Curve.    

This is the curve that the folks at the Station Nightclub in Rhode Island and at Kiss in Brazil had to react to - to stay alive.

What both of these fires demonstrate - and what our everyday experience confirms - is that you cannot rely on your "government" to provide reasonable protection for yourself.     

What both these fires confirm is what so many at realneo have concluded:  we are all on our own.  <hat tip Pavman>

But, that's progress.  Finally coming to the realization that our tax funded "government" is the totally ineffectural enemy - well, that's a step forward.

Isn't it?

When do you scream FIRE IN THE HOUSE!? 

Our state governments are ripping us off with insane lottery crap.  Day in Day out.  paying for their paychecks and pensions while we get F*K3D!

We're all being played for fools by our governments!

image from fenwal here



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