Welcome to my life... I get these sort of hater emails and attacks every day

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 03/22/2010 - 18:00.

Welcome to my life... I get these sort of hater emails and attacks every day.

Here is the personal attack from Alien2 against me, with my response... Alien2 is not blocked, and no member of realNEO has been blocked unless openly spamming - Tim Russo is not blocked!

My email to Alien2, in response to his attack against me, below:

Mothray - there has been significant cyber-harassment on realNEO and there are investigators involved so I wouldn't take such things lightly, until your family is attacked.

As you are anonymous that won't happen to you - it happens to my family daily because of realNEO. In some cases our home has been physically attacked. Do you not consider that serious.

People try to use realNEO for all sorts of agendas, whether to get someone elected or to pollute. Some people are authentic in their efforts and others are fraudulent. We must pursue those who are here to cause others harm - that is illegal.

I developed realNEO - a Content Management System - so all people of the region may have a free open sandbox for economic development - I put it out as my work product with pride and say how it is used is in the hands of the community, and reflects the community at large - it is a social computing supersandbox for the world and is quite popular - far from imploding.

As far as I can tell, you are not blocked and never have been.


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On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 1:34 PM, <XXXXXXXXXXXX> wrote:

Alien2 sent a message using the contact form at http://realneo.us/contact.

Please Post This comment to realneo


Just another delusional response to an innocuous post?

Your bizarre response to the posting of Private Life illustrates perfectly the pendulum of megalomania and paranoia that is the
principal motivator of the core handful of realneoites.

You really clarified something that I've witnessed here repeatedly since
stumbling onto the site a few months ago.
What you have here is largely regurgitated reposting of others' work,
speckled with patting each other on the back.
A place where opinions are passed on as gospel.
A place where unintelligible emotional rantings are called "Content" and
applauded while imaginary demons are outed right before our very eyes in
the comments section.

A place where comments and postings from outside the CORE CULT are attacked
and called "Trolling by Haters".
What you real-ly have here is Norm's "Super" Sandbox of Temper Tantrums
where Open Source means "WHAT'S YOURS IS MINE, AND WHAT'S MINE IS
Realneo is neither open-minded or liberal. It is just looney, insular and

Over recent months the realneo inner circle has repeatedly and publicly
melted down in such extraordinary ways that even adolescent internet
junkies might have noticed - momentarily.
It would be more accurate to say, the trolls and haters here are you and
your cult. You are the ones that stomp out thoughtful discussion and ideas.
You are the ones who attack. But it seems that you are all finally
self-imploding  - LIVE.

Realneo cultmembers make regular death threats and other cryptic insane
utterings and then cry wolf with a straight face - this has been a right
wing weapon for decades. Good job. You have become your enemy.

You are just as looney and "unreal" as the right wing fear mongers. You are
the other side of their coin and your footprint is just as negative.

If you look around you'll see that the thoughtful people have all come and
gone from this site.
And now I am censored and banned from the "open" community.
You recently claimed that WE own realneo. Then, who are you to ban anyone?

How absurd. The internet is not real or alive.

It seems that the troll hiding under the bridge is you. Should Norm be banned from realneo?

Report as inappropriate: http://realneo.us/mollom/contact/100322ecbf40a4f61c


Norm Roulet
Disrupt IT


wOw alien2

 you really do seem upset. what drives that? I'm just curious...






Perhaps they are paid to do what realNEO does

Perhaps they are paid to do what realNEO does...

Lots of people hate realNEO because they are "tech gurus" who have been paid huge amounts of money to do things like or directly compete against realNEO (for some reason) and have generally failed, and surely they are feeling some heat for that.

Of the realNEO ICE 25 social media sample I am tracking, Scene, MedCityNews and realNEO are the fastest growing social media destinations...

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I don't know this Alien2, but s/he's right.

At the risk of (again) being called a troll, I will express my agreement with Alien2 that this forum is neither what I expected nor what it purports to be.  I first came here because of Roldo, whose writing I've found clear-headed and insightful for many, many years.  realNEO seemed, at that time, to be a potential source of thoughtful, progressive dialog on issues relevant to Northeast Ohioans.

Instead, the forum is filled with illiterate, wack-job, Art Bell-type ramblings ("questministries"), paranoid, overly-defensive diatribes on opposing opinions, lead poisoning, and internet trolls ("NormRoulet"), self-important babblers lacking in critical thinking skills ("Eternity"), and a host of sycophantic apologists that seem to side with the above simply because they're "regulars."

Yes, I'm anonymous.  No, I don't originate posts.  I've preferred to read objectively in search of original, thought-provoking, mature content.  My contributions have been limited to replies on a few occasions when ridiculous, fear-mongering information (that could actually be taken seriously, unlike that of "questministries") was posted.  In spite of one or two suggestions that I be censored or banned, I never have been.  However, I discovered that, unless you're a "regular," dissenting opinions are considered vile.  Never mind the content of your comment...how many posts do you have?

For those of you who would irrationally consider this an "attack," I ask that you consider it to be constructive criticism.  I've seen intelligent, reasonable thinking in this forum.  There will be disagreements in any mature discussion, but try to examine claims objectively.  Base your beliefs on facts, not emotion.  It's the only way we will get anything done.

Yours truly,


You are 100% by definition a troll, but that's okay

In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

Are you right about anything? Not in my opinion.

You are also an intruder in my life, and harassing me, by even writing about me here without knowing me and exposing why you are attacking me and who you are - so fuck you troll... you arenlt even a real human being.

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by this definition of troll

 Skepticalthinker is not a troll by this definition. He raises some points that merit thought. 

realeno attracts a fair number of anonymous posters that seek to disrupt dialogue. It is important to acknowledge that 1) any site with policies that allow anyone to become a member risks trolling 2) this site is a self moderating site that becomes a free for all at times 3) and most importantly, when someone disagrees with another poster, it does not automatically make them a troll. 

I have been beat up pretty good on this site, and have been dismayed at some stuff posted, and have looked several times for the "leave this site" option (there isn't one), but I am glad that I remain a member. realneo gives a voice to anyone who wants to speak. I support that. I would like to see growth, and I would like to see diversity. I'd like to see attacks become less frequent. I would like members to register, and be known to admin. People need to be responsible for what they post. 

Freedom of speech is a right in this country. realneo seeks to have a platform that allows that right to flourish in a city that is ass backwards in politics and much of the media. At times, we that make up realneo need to conduct some self assessment and take our own temperature. It is not a matter of right or wrong, but more a matter of effectiveness and self awareness.



"the forum is filled with illiterate, wack-job..."

I'm not sure how skepticalthinker is anything less than a Troll.. to quote:

Instead, the forum is filled with illiterate, wack-job, Art Bell-type ramblings ("questministries"), paranoid, overly-defensive diatribes on opposing opinions, lead poisoning, and internet trolls ("NormRoulet"), self-important babblers lacking in critical thinking skills ("Eternity"), and a host of sycophantic apologists that seem to side with the above simply because they're "regulars."

Textbook Troll.

Step forward, be recognized, and take responsibility for the words, and the troll may become human.

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norm we'er flatered to be mention in the same sentence as you

norm we'er  flatered to be mention in the same sentence as you and i was becoming concered that  we wern't doing a good job - until  hostile alien2 vs. the benevolent EXTRA-TERRESTRIALs

yogi and guy http://www.nationalwardogsmonument.org/

You illiterate Wack-Job you

You illiterate Wack-Job you... and your dog is illiterate too!

Seems the hater trolls Cleveland.com has bred are polluting realNEO... get out your ax

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yogi tells me he loves trolls - they tast good

yogi tells me he loves trolls - they tast good

yogi and guy http://www.nationalwardogsmonument.org/

The ladies of realNEO want us to take netiquette lessons

Guy, the ladies all want us to dress-up and talk nice for the big-time big-world... millions are watching...

You and I need to sit down and put a realNEO content development strategy together - I think we have cleared the place of trolls and can keep them out so it is time to make realNEO all it may be - we're a team on that.

So, we're off the Troll watch for now and looking for flowers, honeybees and smokestacks... cleanup your video camera and get ready for the bigbang!

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I rest my case.

I rest my case

What have you done for Northeast Ohio over the past few years...? I've helped do this.

realNEO ICE 25 Regional Social Media Benchmarking Sample: 15 Month Analysis from November, 2008 - February, 2010

I rest my case

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 i don't know, i like to find a thread of truth in every poster's comment.

i like that people can express themselves.

i particularly like that people do not kowtow to the pathetic "leaders" in this city. god knows they get their asses kissed enough.