Suspend Patent-waiver rules for BP gusher ideas -

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 06/02/2010 - 11:10.

I just sent the comment below to the White site.   The White site is not as up to speed as it could be however.  For example, there is no listing of the BP Gusher in the list of topics for the public to click and comment on.   That is an oversight - but the fact that our Federal Government has such a site at all is to be applauded. 


This is a recommendation concerning the solicitation of public remedy recommendations for the BP oil gusher in the Gulf and Patent Law,
President Obama should issue an executive order suspending the US and (if possible through treaty) international Patent Laws which preclude/jeopardize patentability after public disclosure.
Such an executive order in this emergency situation  may encourage publication of remedial ideas which individuals have which they are reluctant to offer – because under present patent rules if the idea works the idea may lose aspects of its patentability for the fact that it was made public.
Such an executive order would also bolster Mr. Obama's pro-active stance as a leader. 
Good luck.
Best, Jeff B.
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not to sound stupid, Norm

I know it is pollution, but what exactly is being released in the white polluted clouds?


good idea, Jeff.  A solution is desperately needed. I bet a lot of people have good ideas and their patent rights would not be protected. 

I have no f++king idea... sure wish I knew

I have no f++king idea... sure wish I knew... it seems to keep breaking $millions worth of monitoring equipment, and exceeding the mental capacity of the EPA and OU to address... it ain't a problem with their computers... or mine.

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video looks look the oil gusher videos

only clouds of who knows what gushing in the air versus oil gushing in the water.

strikingly similar. birds instead of fish

Stop the pollution-and patent law

See above comments--thanks Jeff for posting this and Norm for relating to our own never-ending pollution gusher.