Stealing from the Scrap thieves in Cleveland, Ohio

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 10/19/2013 - 16:32.

In every community our overall impression of that community is aggregated from numerous experiences.   

Google hasn't provided the public with an algorithm to process this data, so here I go....

I had an experience recently which involved delivering scrap metal (light iron) to a junk yard.   

Just for the hell of it, and because I have been to a junk yard in the past, I weighed each container of junk that I put in the vehicle.    The total came to 506 pounds.   

When I pulled into the junk yard, I was directed up onto a vehicle scale.

Then the scale person punches the buzzer to tell you your tare weight has been recorded - and off you go to dump your load.  

Usually the junk yard sends a monitor to watch you unload - to make sure you aren't unloading water or broken concrete. 

Then,  you take your empty vehicle back onto the vehicle scale for the net weight reading. 

Buzzer again....

Park the vehicle, walk into the office. 


In Cleveland, Ohio you have to provide picture ID to sell scrap to a junk yard.   This is BS and unconstitutional but I had mine ready to go...

The scale lady took my ID (the junk yard xeroxes your ID - that's the Cleveland law )

so the pregnant question is: WHAT'S THE TOTAL WEIGHT?

20% SHORT.  


Funny, I thought, the bogus Cleveland law requires the Junk Yard to take my ID and record the ID, but the BoOgus Cleveland law does not require a CERTIFIED SCALE RECEIPt be provided to the person delivering the scrap.


Have to go start a fire....will finish this later...I did get the money I was owed....




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