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But maybe that is a positive sign.
 Because I haven’t received an answer for several questions I asked Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason and assistant Steve Dever about wind turbines about 3 miles off of Cleveland on Lake Erie either.
Sometimes, when you are ignored, it is a positive sign. You know, Cleveland + Plus
 Dr. Majid Rashidi’s/aka  Cironi’s “wind spire” project near the I-90 trench and Dead Man's Curve are just ad spam…however, unlike the Music Man, this will prove to be another embarrassment for Leveland.
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How is CSU Wind Turbine doing? AUDIT, AUDIT, AUDIT

It's been a few weeks, and this is brightest greenest stuff, so i know it is monitored... so how is this turbine doing on wind production?

For that matter, how is the Science Center turbine doing? Been years...!

What is the latest crib data on prospects for the 1/2 billion $ Lakefront plan.

Time to AUDIT, AUDIT, AUDIT these projects and plans. Real highly paid people here planned these projects and real taxpayers paid for them so what are we getting for our money? Real taxpayer paid university people from CSU  are supposed to know this, if they are worth 2 cents.

Cost per KWH please! Include opportunity costs, costs of taxpayer paid people working on planning and development! Add costs of Foundation money not going to other opportunities! Add, ADD, ADD, ADD!

Next up, auditing local foods, past, present and future.

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