Property tax exempt "hospitals" run by E.D.E.N. have cost Cuyahoga County millions in lost revenue

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The Emerald Development Economic Network, which "helps" the poor by helping themselves to $25 million in federal funds per year, has also been cashing in for over 20 years by paying ZERO property taxes on their vast real estate holdings, which ALL house Section 8 tenants, by fraudulently classifying them as "private hospitals." Their lastest "hospital" venture is building obscenely expensive homeless shelters that house active drug users at the cost of $180,000 per 350 square foot unit. Each of these "hospitals" has between 60 and 80 units. Their eager partners, salivating over the guaranteed TAX FREE income in this money laundering operation are the Cleveland Housing Network, the Enterprise Foundation and the city of Cleveland community development department through the neighborhood CDC's using Low Income Housing Tax Credits. Your tax dollars benevolently handed over by Ohio Housing Finance Agency, which funnels funds from WHERE ELSE...H.U.D.! The Enterprise Foundation celebrates this venture on their web page by listing the properties in the Supportive Housing or is it Housing First. Whatever. It's a good idea to constantly switch the names (rebranding) of these very suspect "non profits" to throw legitimate taxpayers off the scent. All of them are described as low income housing (NOT hospitals) with air conditioning, a computer room with no mention of any "hospital" services. One of the properties, the ONLY one not run by EDEN is 1850 Superior, at the top of the list. It is run by Famicos Foundation and they pay nearly $10,000 per year in property taxes. So let's do the math shall we? 1850 Superior houses 44 drug users and cost a paltry $4 million to develop. Surely more tax payer $$$$$$$ can be wasted than THAT! If 11529 Buckeye, grandly named "Buckeye Square" houses 65 drug users (and by the way cost $12.6 million to develop) shouldn't EDEN be paying $15,000 in property taxes for that rental property. Instead of zero. 

And then there's 3215 East 55th known as Edgewood Park. It houses 63 SSI recipients. Using the same formula, EDEN should be paying $14,500 in taxes. 7515 Euclid ("Greenbridge Commons") houses 65 "disabled" drug users. EDEN is scamming the county taxpayers for $15,000. There are more of these "hospitals" than appear on that list. Probably 10 in all not counting 1850 Superior which pays taxes. So 10 times $15,000 is $150,000 in lost property tax revenue on those properties alone! EDEN has at least 90 more rental properties. Don't they even CARE about the millions in lost revenue to our endlessly "struggling" public schools? 

Taxes are for little people.

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Famicos pays property tax -CHN|Eden does not

Why is that ? Who played a role in structuring these sweet deals??