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Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 04/13/2012 - 17:54.

homeless man with shopping cart at McDonalds This fellow was sitting in the parking lot of a McDonald's outlet (not in Ohio).   

It appeared he had had a few (too many in life too) but wasn't being more than a visual discomfort - if you find reality discomforting.  

By this point the fellow had attempted to get up, was too drunk, and pulled his cart over on himself.  

He lay spralled on the asphalt.   


Then the police began to arrive to remove him.   In all 4 police cars responded and I counted a total of 5 police personell invovled.

One  officer put on his blue latex gloves and picked up the tipped over wagon, took it to the public street sidewalk, and emptied out what looked like beer from a big plastic container.

Another two officers tried to coax the fellow up off the asphalt.   Unsuccessful, they finally put on their blue latex gloves and carried the fellow by his belt and shoulders over to the public sidewalk and dumped him there on the lawn.  They were not unnecessarilly rough....

They tried to coax him some more. 

Two more police arrived.  Now 5 in attendance.

Finally they talked the fellow to his feet, he got his balance behind the shopping cart, and very slowly he went down the sidewalk.....

I was concerned he would fall over again and smash his head on the curb.  Whatever.  

The entire episode took about 25 minutes.   What was the cost to the taxpayer?  1/2 hour of 4 Police vehicles and 5 personell with benefits and pensions?

Did the police respond to the request of a corporation?  (Please hide poverty and addiction - they hurt our profits)

What about the requests of the society?  Are we as a society requesting the appropriate action regarding drug addiction and alcohol?   

In this case the taxpayer spent considerable funds to merely move a sick individual down the street.   

Does that make sense?





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So sad

I am wrestling with my own desire to help folks who are not surviving the machine in NEO. I only have so much energy and it's hard enough to take care of myself, let alone other folks. The man above is no doubt someone's brother, son, father (?)--I hope that our society changes for the better, sooner than later.  We are destroying people's lives.

Hard working addicts...recycling America....

Gentrifying the drunks to appease the "desirables".....

Imagine how many men like this die in jails annually because they get arrested and then are not given meds to stabilize their detox process......

Many jails will not even take them in anymore because of the liability.

Despite being homeless, many of them work tirelessly to sustain their addiction....recycling metals, etc with those shopping carts...Just drive down Clark Avenue towards West 65th Street (West Side Metals) any given day and see them rolling their shopping carts into the scrap yard for pocket change.

Watch how they tremble and shake. Watch their blood pressure run red through their faces. They are part of the remnants of quotas that remain in Cleveland, for sure. Most would say they suffer from mental illness. Most would snub them. Who really wants to get to know people like this? Who wants to know their stories? Who cares? Where are their families and what would it take to "save them" from themselves? So many questions.... Are they ignorant people, unworthy of respect, dignity, and consideration? Are they brilliant folks who just "gave up" on the "machine" of a system that abused so many throughout the ages of time? So many thoughts...

So many do not have a self desire to heal and accept true help. They are survivalists in their own way.... That is what makes it so hard to help them. If others project their "expectations" on these people-then they might be met with rejection and rebellion. I remember helping a homeless guy with a shopping cart and a dog one year under the West 53rd/Lorain bridge......he told me that he did not want help to get off the streets and be used as a quota by the government. Of course, at that time I was youthful and hopeful....with the best of intentions....he was a veteran too. So, months later-during Christmas, I went to the grocery store and bought all kinds of items like fruit, nuts, and canned items...and I delivered them to him with some dog food...trying to respect his wishes to remain independent---on the streets in his little world.

My prayers to all these persons caught in the grasps of societal ills and their families.


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"