My world has been quieter, lately, and then I realized... less spam on REALNEO

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 02/18/2010 - 14:17.

Props to Jeff Shuler, realNEO's tech administrator. He has been implementing an anti-spam strategy that seems to be working... meaning admins don't have to block a dozen spammers and delete their lame links, each day....! Thank you Jeff S!

If you are a real realNEO user and you have any trouble with accessing or posting to the site, it is not because an admin hates you - there is software now analyzing all the content posted to the site and running tests to rate how likely it is that the content is spam, and Jeff is adjusting settings to try and block out the spam, without impacting real users. The system must learn - a type of "artificial intelligence" - and it is learning - and it seems to be working. IF YOU ARE BLOCKED FOR ANY REASON AND SHOULD NOT BE BLOCKED, GO TO THE CONTACT LINK IN THE MENU BAR ABOVE AND LET US KNOW!

Next step - no trolls on realNEO

There is not reason we should tolerate trolls here, either.

No better than teenage thugs spraypainting their tags on a work of art, or City Hall...

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Props to Jeff Schuler


NOTE: For any one who cares to know--I am off work today--and SAD that NEO still does not pick up on the organizational functionality and cost-effectiveness of DRUPAL.

Too bad--another missed opportunity.  The story of NEO.

voice thread

I really like the way the NYPL site allows for integration with other technologies. I find Voicethread fascinating. Despite the commentary about facebook here, I know several Realneo members who have accounts there. I do. When necessary I can post items her to facebook to reach folks who don't visit here. It may be driven down by the incessant gaming and silly business that goes on there by some of my friends, but whatever - it remains here.

I resisted facebook until, after repeated invitations from a friend, I joined. I didn't want to appear to be spying on my college aged son. When he found out that I had a facebook account, he admonished me saying, "You have a facebook account and you didn't even friend me?!? WTF, MOM?!?

So realneo is for some communications, but not all of them.

I am still learning about this computing, social networking biznas. I must admit that twitter - even the name - repels me still. I'll probably get there though in time.

social networks

I have a Facebook account. I joined in hopes of connecting with old friends that I have lost touch with. Hasn't happened yet and so far, I have found FB not useful. I accidentally became a "fan" of Mike Polesenk and can't figure out how to not be a "fan". I also have a twitter account but don't know how to use it then decided that I did not care enough to learn. I receive e-mails on occasion that someone is following me. The photos are of scantily clad women.  I will check out Voicethread.

It did make one guy super rich... getting millions of people to play hot or not.

I have a friend who owns a computer repair shop and most of his business is people coming in with computers trashed with viruses from the one and only FACEBOOK.

If you have a Windows machine and you use Facebook have you noticed any performance issues...

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