May 21, 2013: A Very Important Date - Cowan's 13 year/666 week Beast Cycle - trigger (days before & after - a to z alerts)

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Cowan's 13 year/666 week Beast Cycle is a heliocentric Golden Triangle configuration between Mars, Earth and Venus. A discussion of this cycle can be found here.

The next Beast Cycle is set to trigger on May 21, 2013. Venus being the closest planet to the Sun triggers the cycle.
5/21/2013: Mark of the Beast

There is something else very important about this date. Let's take a look back at the crash of 1929. The peak of the markets occurred on September 3, 1929.

Here is the heliocentric chart for that day.

9/3/1929: Stock Market Peak

Notice there is a Mars/Earth/Venus Golden Triangle at the 36° harmonics that had completed 5 days earlier as Venus passed by the lower triangle point. (Not a Mark of the Beast cycle because Mars is at the sharpest angle instead of the Earth.)

Here's the kicker. Uranus' position on the 9/3/1929 chart is 09Ari04'14". Now look again at the chart above for 5/21/2013. Exactly the same.

It is interesting that Pluto and Neptune are at nearly opposite points on the charts as well.



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