Good to be in AMERICA! Not too much death or destruction! Cool! IMHO

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 05/05/2013 - 19:35.

Image from Google Syria images here.  Check it out - destruction perhaps a bit worse than Cleveland, Ohio.  Even a bit worse than East Cleveland which has clearly been nuked.

So the death toll is over 600 in Dhakar.   (the USA gets their clothes from Dhakar)

But that's no prob.

In Syria Israel has pulled out the stops.   Maybe even faked a chemical attack to gin it up.


I like it here.

Got sum Bud.   30 pack.

Got the game.  (jeez - got a couple of game - now what I didn't quite get was Obama at Ohio State today, talking about being a citizen?  WTF?  Citizen? Citizen of what? East Cleveland? Cleveland? Berea? cut the #$I%)

Got feelin'

And a brand new 460HP Ford with 18 inch wheels!

Chick's love it when the tires squeel!

Thanks America!

Stocks are over 15,000!   Makes me wanna DRIVE my CAR!

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guinness not bud - dark beer healthy - lite beer causes cancer

sophia honey yoga and guy -

u got it!

but americans think us soldiers are safer stateside.

Always Appreciative,

We should NOT go to war in Syria or sell the rebels

arms. Arms we sold when Afghanistan was fighting Russia are now turned against us. I have read that the so-called terrorists are connected to Al-Quaeda.

Although, they do have my greatest sympathy. Assad's father buried whole villages that didn't agree with him. Saddam Hussein was horrible, but I think Iraq is worse off now, not better.

Nor should our soldiers be in Egypt.

Our government doesn't understand the culture of the Middle East, and can't see that if we torture their people, they will torture those of us they capture (such as the ambassador not only killed but sodomized.) Drones kill innocent people. Of course they hate our government for what they have done.

Many can disconnect we citizens from our government's sins, but not all can and so we are attacked. But the attack of 9-11 had lead to over-reaction, even worse than the way we treated the Japanese in California during WWWII (yet squads of Japanese fought for the USA bravely in Europe, despite what was done the the California Japanese, many of whom were born here.) We are losing our liberties, with 9-11 as an excuse. It is enough to make you wonder if those who say it was a false flag attack or done by Israel, as with the ship, Liberty, I think.

Here, despite our government aiding the government when the Mayan people, who are so poor still, often without even clean water to drink to this day, demonstrated, rebelled, along with latinos too. Many "disappeared." Yet they are extremely kind to we Americans here. Their natures and culture is wonderful. They make time for people and hold their family dear.