Flight recorders should not be on the flight they record = dumb and dumber

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 03/25/2015 - 17:47.

Image; Voice recorder from GermanWings crash in French Alps.

It seems quite crazy to carry the voice and data flight recorders on board the aircraft which is being recorded.   

GE uses satellites to capture all their jet engine operational data - engine temp, rpms, oil pressure, etc. etc.  

Every aircraft should upload realtime data to satellites - then if there were any problem - we wouldn't need to search undersea or on an Alpine hillside for a box. 



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GermanWings intentional pilot crash = Murphy's Law

 It is ironic that the cockpit door security system which was installed after 911 for the purpose of keeping fatal suicide hijackers out of the cockpit worked to fatally exclude the responsible pilot from the cockpit.  

This scenario is entirely predictable, but was not considered in the door security retrofit.   

Read about Murphy's Law at wikipedia here.

How could door security be designed to keep out the bad guys, but still be immediately and safely over riden if necessary?

Germanwings data recorder - dum and dummer


And,  it took ten days to find it.....