Embracing the Physicality of Space

Submitted by Eternity on Sun, 02/08/2009 - 00:58.
Electronic space Print

In order to produce paper products for the world, it is estimated that around 4,000,000,000 trees are cut down every year. To put it mildly, this is absurd. So, in Ohio -- California -- New York -- Georgia, as we edge our way from the ashes of manufacturing and industry — to the full embrace of intellectual property, recycling, electronic commerce and clean [weightless? Spaceless?] energy sources like solar and wind power — with the slow phasing-out of printed news, magazines, bills, contracts and ephemera — it seems we find ourselves living in an increasingly paperless world. And by all appearances, these newer methods of exchange and productivity seem to be reliable, yet more efficient. At this stage, clearly there’s no turning back now. So instead of standing agape in pure speculation, denial, panic and/or paranoia, one might hold the belief that now is the time to dig in – to do the work — to invest in the intellectual challenge – so as to proactively define the fine art, electronic future in the best, most uniform, pragmatic way one knows how and is capable of.

One of the most obvious steps in this paperless transistion is for one to learn how to effectively use e-paper; a tool that can help to solve our industrial nightmare problem. A scholarly e-document has just been released to explain one such way in which traditional paper can be scaled back tremendously -- in the fine art print world -- by adapting to the Electronic Space Print, virtual print press process.

By employing the tenents of the Uniform Electronic Transmissions Act, E/S/P: Electronic Space Print is a document, which provides an intellectual protocol for creating limited edition, fine art prints, without the use of "greenhouse gas" paper products. Click the large thumbnail above to learn more. As well, click here to visit Art Digital Magazine, an international, fine art forum for electronic artists and collectors.

Born digital

  This post and your other sites and artwork are pretty amazing.  Part of me abhores the computer in the process of the artist seeing and translating by hand, but I guess the computer becomes the paint brush, or sculptor's tool etc.  All good and less messy :)  Just a few electrons here and there.

 Your post and journal also reminded me of Born Magazine.  It is still going strong since 1996, but I still wonder how all this content will be archived.  I see the erosion of digital content happening now.  It happens at RealNEO.  I hate to say it, but I don't think we are quite ready to forgo paper.


Eco, geo, bio and digital can live as one

To lmcshane, thanks for the compliments about my art.  Also, I had not heard of Born Magazine, so I'll be checking that out. 

I believe that we [humans] have been on a path of growth and development since  the birth of civilization -- two steps forward, one step back.  Still, now is not the time to fall asleep at the wheel when it comes to envionmental stewardship.  And while I agree that we are not quite ready to entirely forgo "greenhouse gas" paper(s), we are certainly ready to get the ball rolling -- to move full steam ahead toward the e-paper transistion.  But you know -- also  --  in doing so, no only will we provide a higher level and quality of oxygen for the planet, but we will also -- by proxy and default -- acknowledge, realize and appreciate the craftsmanship that can go into the making of paper,  pre-industrial paper. 

 I'm not just a narrow-minded, digital artist.  I appreciate all art forms, and papermaking seems almost a forgotten art.  And that  -- THAT -- as well as the wanton destruction of trees, is a crying shame; an absolute disgrace. 

Electricity exists in our bodies and in nature  Thus, it stands to reason that the eco, geo, bio and digital can live as one -- symbiotically, happily, peacefuly, in harmony.

You just made my day

  I am reading a YA book Life as We Knew It, by Susan Beth Pfeffer.  It's the gloom and doom teenagers love so much, but it has, as you point out, our possible redemption:

Electricity exists in our bodies and in nature  Thus, it stands to reason that the eco, geo, bio and digital can live as one -- symbiotically, happily, peacefuly, in harmony.

PEACE to you Max Eternity!