The Elephant Keeper

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I haven't read Water for Elephants, yet, but I imagine it taps into a supernatural energy I once felt at a young age--so I will read it for the teens and most likely push it as a young adult novel.

Elephants are symbolic.  They are forever old and young at the same time.  I know the feeling. And, of course, they say--elephants never forget.  I have my own elephant memories.

Dropped off to the zoo, by my father on his way to work--to wash the tour trains for my summer job.  The mist rising off the valley in the morning and the elephant and the elephant keeper glowing in silhouette against the sun.

We all loved the elephant keeper that summer--tall, dark, handsome and athletic.  He ran with the elephant in the mornings before the public was allowed into the zoo.  It's a memory that I won't allow myself to forget.



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Revisit the BREUER

lots of things go with elephants

sayings like avoiding a subject (there is an elephant in the room)

or a project is easy - like eating an elephant, one bite at a time.

Seems they have turned the book into a movie, that looks really interesting.


Water For Elephants - In theaters now

1hr 37min - PG-13 - Drama
In Theaters 4/22 Starring Reese Witherspoon & Robert Pattinson

Watch Water For Elephants trailer


I love the circus, my fav all time thing, poor elephants tho.  Don't get me started on all injustices to those animals, free and in captive alike. Betty


 PS..  --- Elephant is a sacred animal in Thailand and India, and is used to represent loyalty, wisdom, longevity and elegance. They are symbols of good luck, if their trunk is raised.



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