Democracy Now: Kennedy voted no against Iraq way, saying it was his best vote ever in 46 years in the Senate

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Edward Kennedy (1932-2009): Veteran Senator Championed Civil Rights, Healthcare, Working Poor in 46-Year Career

Democracy Now! - Democratic Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts died last night in his home in Hyannis Port after a bout with brain cancer. He was seventy-seven years old. Kennedy served in the Senate for forty-six years and was known by some as the “liberal lion” for his steadfast advocacy of progressive causes. In recent years, Kennedy endorsed President Obama’s bid for the White House in what was seen as a key turning point in the presidential campaign. 

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what a loss...

Flags at half mast tomorrow

Flags at half mast tomorrow and everybody attend your local candlelight vigils tomorrow night. His Iraq decision was amazing, as were the other great legislations of his career:


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Where are the candlelight vigils being held?

Does anyone have a list of the places where the vigils will be held?