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I believe that a lot of bloggers and whistleblowers are hinting about more connections to the FBI & PD...but under realistic observations...the connections, fraud, and endless list of investigations in multiple directions is mindboggling to any one investigator, reporter, or citizen... Let's keep connecting dots and posting to assist our investigators with their work! Thanks....Here' s another name cited on a blog...where will it lead??? Her property address on Fulton means that either it was or is a part of Ward 14....The epicenter of all hte corruption in NEO! 


Russo pal Anne Bloomberg sold her house on Fulton for $450,000 and again on the market for about the same amount has only been taxed on the value of $179,000 since 2004.

Property was listed in a story from the PD 3 or 4 years ago.


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This Comment Says It All...

afrankword November 28, 2010 at 5:57PM


I would bet my bottom dollar this political corruption mess would never had happened had there been a Cleveland Press and Cleveland News to keep the P.D. in line. After all, where was the P.D. in the last fifteen years while the cupboards were emptied? How did the P.D. scrutinize its endorsed candidates? After all, a leading newspaper endorsement is worth more than an individual donation to a candidate. How many property tax reductions have been given to P.D. employees, a newspaper that endorsed Russo.... How about the P.D. production facilities, have there been any tax breaks given. What efforts are being made by P.D. to bolster its investigative staff? Has the P.D. apologized to the community? Has the P.D. sold out to the corrupt cartel that runs Cleveland?

Disrupt IT

How many PD staff have McFaul got out of jail free cards

How many PD staff have McFaul got out of jail free cards and ceremonial Sheriff badges...?

Disrupt IT

Where's mine???

Hey, are they still handing those out??? Comical...

I may need one if things keep going this way... lol...


We don't get one...we didn't "JOIN IN WITH THE CORRUPTION"...."US" are watching "THEM" play ring around the rosey....just waiting for THEM to all FALL down!

My dad always said....

IF all the kids cannot have an ice cream from the ice cream truck....then no one gets it is not fair... So, either the entire neighborhood got ice cream or we didn't! 

My teacher always reminded us...if you don't have enough for the whole class...then you cannot have it...

Whatever happened to those kind of values in this greedy, greedy, underhanded, selfish, and lawless world we are living in?