CUSTOM 55 gallon drum BBQs at LARRY'S at 1437 E55th

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 06/13/2009 - 10:20.

custom 55 gallon drum bbq's on east 55th cleveland ohio larry's muffler

Larry's sign announces that mufflers, shocks, and struts are installed round in back.   It looks like Larry in his spare time - between car repairs -  uses his acetylene cutting torch and his welder to build these custom rib smokin' machines. 

This is real economic development in Cleveland - though I will wager that Larry hasn't gotten a thin dime from any of the NEO economic development agencies.

July 4th is around the corner - if you are in the market for a BBQ - don't go to Home Depot and buy a Weber, check out Larry's for a custom, one of a kind, MADE IN CLEVELAND BBQ! 

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Love this, and have been looking for one

These look great - I'm looking for two... one for me and one for the Chateau - thanks for posting this... did you check out the prices?>

We need to make "REAL NEO" stickers for these special places only the realest people seem to know about!